$600 Billion Worth Cryptocurrencies Surpassed Amazon Market Cap

$600 Billion Worth Cryptocurrencies Surpassed Amazon Market Cap


The cryptocurrency era brought with this new technology and the enthusiasm towards it. Bitcoin the ultimate bitcoin currency which holding $300 Billion worth of value is the most abundant in the crypto sphere.

cryptocurrencies market cap
cryptocurrency’s market cap surging all-time high


$600 Billion Worth Cryptocurrencies

The intangible nature of bitcoin and other worthful cryptocurrency turns out to be now worthing more than $600 billion, surpassing the largest online marketplace company ‘Amazon’ which only worth around $573 Billion.


Amazon Market cap
Showing Amazon Marketcap

The Bitcoin itself holding more than half of the market Worth Cryptocurrency, while ethereum hold only $75 Billion, place on the 2nd position.

The introduction of bitcoin contract for future to regulation in many countries adding fire to the market cap values. Since last week the surge for bitcoin still continuous where it surged, passing $19K checkpoint.

Bitcoin expected to surge even further passing 20K margin before the end of the year. Since last week, the cryptocurrency market cap soared by 160Billion dollar upto 36% reaching to all-time high just passing the checkpoint for 600B dollar worth.

The altcoins including ethereum, dash, litecoin, etc, are seen to cross their threshold, achieving all-time highest price rate.

While the cryptocurrency worthing so much, still not considering to fully adopted by the major countries. The cryptocurrency still worth small percentage of the global money supply, but it’s expected to rise as the awareness towards it increases, this is where bitcoin must fix its working and high transaction fees.

Why Rules & Regulations Are Important For BitCoin

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