3 Reasons Why Cardano(ADA) Can Go Boom!

  • Cardano is planning for expansion with major implementation.
  • Project Shelley to complete by the end of the year 2018.
  • Cardano to introduce Marlowe, a smart contract language for their blockchain.

With the bearish market around this year, Cardano has not performed great just like other altcoins. It surges and hit highest $0.192 on 18th July and then soars downtrend in these 2 months.

IOHK, developer firm of Cardano, published an update recently stating the stage of Cardano development named as Shelley.

The team have decided 3 goals with which 2 are completed and only left with the Core DIF design, which is near completion. Near the end of the year is decided for the communication protocol, Core DIF implementation to the main net deployment after the success testnet.

The developing firm IOHK has confirmed launching Marlowe, a smart contract language for the Cardano blockchain. Which mean cardano is planning to deploy a platform for the developers to build DApps(Decentralized Application).

Haskell is the current language which cardano is supported, which requires programming knowledge. Cardano is trying to build a platform where anyone having no knowledge of highly intense coding can make they own smart contract within the browser resources. Marlowe allows this to simulate a blockchain called meadow.

Later Cardano founder stated,

“The purpose of Cardano is to step back and have a more layered architecture,” said Hoskinson. “With Cardano we are doing innovation, and that moves the tradeoff profile [between centralization, security, and speed]. What Dan Larimer did was say “I have a philosophy that this tradeoff profile is acceptable, so I am going to take old ideas and make them new.”

People do believe that cardano(ADA) has a strong foundation, and they just need the implementation to be done as soon a possible.

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Prashant Gupta

Prashant Gupta

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