My Chevy App: With My Chevy App [2022], how Can I Start My Car Remotely?

So, What Exactly Is This Chevy App All About?

You can use the myChevrolet Mobile app to control your Chevrolet car with a variety of remote-control features and commands. Your smartphone must be connected to the car in order to use the app.

This would allow you to start and stop the vehicle’s engine, as well as perform a variety of other tasks like scheduling service appointments on your behalf, locating the most suitable dealer, and providing access to your billing records.

The innovative technology was used to create a better customer experience.

Your vehicle can be controlled from inside or outside using the app, which allows you to personalize your vehicle to suit your needs.

Using the app, you can see at any time if your car has enough fuel and battery power.

In addition, you can use the marketplace to look up nearby restaurants, dining establishments, hotels, gas stations, and so on.

In addition, My Chevrolet rewards can be earned and redeemed as desired.

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How Do I Use My Chevy App to Start My Car Remotely?

If you have a paid subscription, you can use the Remote Access Plan feature to remotely start or stop a car. Installing a remote vehicle starter system in your vehicle is required.

The RAP feature allows you to share additional benefits with your loved ones. You’re presented with a slew of remote control options that can accomplish the following:

My Chevy App:

Start or halt the vehicle’s motor.
Close the door or leave it open.

Lift the gate’s lock.
Flash your headlights and honk your horn in the direction of oncoming traffic.

Which Chevy App Should I Use?

In order to begin, go to the Google Play or Apple App Store and download the myChevrolet app.

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With your email provided at the Owner Center, you must then create a user account. In addition, the app allows you to log in and use it.

First-time users will be walked through the app’s main features.

How Do I Use My Chevy App to Find a Specific Vehicle?

You can see where the vehicle is located on a map using the Remote Access Plan feature. An arrow pointing in the direction of movement can help you determine the direction of the car if it is moving.

On the map, you’ll see how far you are from the vehicle, as well as how close you are to it.

When your car arrives at a destination, you can send out text messages to a select group of contacts, and you can also set and share arrival and departure alerts.

It’s also possible to set up boundary alerts in the myChevrolet app, as well.

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Features of The App

What’s included in the app?

Editing the dashboard gives you more control over how it looks and functions.
Viewing billing and trial information for SiriusXM.
Use your myChevrolet rewards.

Management of hotspots.
Investigate the available options.

Choose a preferred vendor.
The Smart Driver feature of the Chevrolet provides valuable information about driving habits and provides useful advice.

Providing assistance to clients.
Features are trailered.
Diagnostics of a vehicle.

Family-friendly functions
Assistance on the roadside.

Purchasing extras for one’s vehicle.
Telecommuting Feature-rich.

My Chevy App:

On Android or I Phone, how Do I Get the My Chevy App to Work?

Android users can access the app’s direct download link from Google Play to get it.

The myChevrolet iPhone app can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Can You Tell Me Why I Can’t Use My Chevy App?

The following steps can be taken if your app isn’t working properly:

You can access your phone’s settings by going to Settings.

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MyChevrolet’s Cache data should then be deleted from the app.
Restart the app to see if the problem persists.

Close the app, turn off your device, and restart it if it’s still not working.
Reopen the app once more.

It’s Not Working

To see if this fixes the problem, force close the app and restart your phone.


Is it possible to use the Chevy App on two devices?
You can do that if you have a paid subscription.

For how much money did I have to buy the Chevy App?
An active OnStar plan is required for use of the myChevrolet app. A free Basic Plan or a paid subscription is required to use the myChevrolet app’s remote access feature. The Remote Access Plan has a monthly cost of $14.99.

Is Onstar required to use the Chevy App?
There is no need to have your OnStar username and password if you are a customer, but you can log in to the Chevrolet Owner Center.

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