Mp Saara App: Download the This App for Farmers [2022] — the Latest Government Program for Farmers.

MP Saara App

The Smart Application for Revenue Administration (SAARA) is the full name of the SAARA app.

In order to help farmers in Madhya Pradesh, the state government has launched an app called Sara App, which allows farmers to send information about their crops to the government online.

To edit various processes of the Madhya Pradesh Revenue Department, such as resolving revenue cases, reporting on crop girdawari, distributing and transferring crops, etc. through mobile.

E-Girdawari Saara App’s Functions and Features

On arrival, the Patwari will use the app to enter the farmer’s name, survey number, and mobile phone number.

Information about crops sown in a farmer’s field and area will be recorded on his survey number.

As soon as the app receives the information.

Farmers’ mobile phones will receive an OTP (One Time Password) for the crop information they’ve entered on their mobile devices.

The Patwari will receive OTP from the farmer if the crop is properly recorded. Online records of crop information will be created as soon as the OTP is entered into the appropriate field.

According to government directives, Patwaris have purchased smartphones for the Girdawar app, ensuring that accurate data on crop area and sown seed can be accessed online.

Natural disasters will no longer necessitate farmers to visit Patwaris in search of compensation.

There will be monetary compensation or insurance benefit available.

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With the help of this app, farmers will be able to register Bhavantar and support prices.

Madhya Pradesh Fasal Girdawari’s Report’s Purpose.

All agricultural land data will be made available through the MP Sara App by the state government in a transparent manner until the process is complete.

In order for the data to be made available online, the user must first enable location services by installing this app on their smartphone.

After the app has been downloaded, farmers will be able to see the information that has been loaded in the app, after which, by entering an OTP on their mobile, they can update the information.

The complete record of Patwaris will now be updated from the mobile app. Using this programme, farmers are able to upload their own crop planting information.

Farmer Patwaris are no longer required to assist them in submitting this data to the government.

Additionally, the Fasal Girdawari Report is available for download by state farmers.

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Benefits of The Fasal Girdawari Report for Madhya Pradesh.

The Patwari will not be able to enter the field of crops from his house.

Because of crop insurance, natural disasters, bank loans, and other programmes, patwaris will no longer be required to travel.

Patwari visits for the crop Girdawari will be avoided by farmers who have applied for the benefit of the programme.

All land data will be available to farmers who have downloaded the SARA app, and only those farmers will have access to this data at all times and from any location.

Features of The Fasal Girdawari Report for Madhya Pradesh

Farmers will now be able to register their crops’ Girdawari reports on their smartphones thanks to this app.

Smart Application for Revenue Administration’s official website and the app allows farmers in the state to enter information about crops sown, as well as download their crop Girdawari report.

This app can also be used to file a complaint if there is a problem with the information on crops.

Time and money will be saved, and the system will be more transparent, as a result of this procedure.

Report on Mp Fasal Girdawari’s Eligibility

The applicant must be a citizen of Madhya Pradesh with a valid ID.

A farmer is required to apply.

Among Fasal Girdawari’s most important documents in this report.

Identity card, or Aadhar card.

The proof is required.

proof of income

showing your age

a photo the size of a passport

Mp Saara App

cellular phone number

The following is my email address:

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Viewing the Madhya Pradesh Crop Girdawari Report Is Simple.

Visit to learn more about the Smart Application for Revenue Administration.

Crop Girdawari is the option you must select from the drop-down menu on the home page.

You must now select the option to visit.

Following that, you’ll see the following options appear in a drop-down menu.

Status as a Girdawari (acreage-wise)

District-by-District Report on the Girdhari Percentage of Villages

Progress on the light and village fronts

a summary of crop conditions

You must select the option that best meets your needs.

A new page will then appear on your computer’s monitor.

You must fill out the following information on this page.







After this, you must select the View Report option.

You’ll be able to see all of the relevant information on your computer.

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The Mp Saara App Can Be Downloaded Here.

This app can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

To get started, simply sign up for a Gmail account and then navigate to your Android phone’s “Play Store” menu.

In your app store, look for the “MP SAARA” app.

Afterward, select “Install”.

After you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you’ll need to register your account by providing the requested information.

Visit for direct access.

Process of Logging In

You must first visit the Smart Application for Revenue Administration’s official website.

The home page is now visible on your computer’s monitor.

To log in, go to the home page and select the Login link.
The login form will now appear on the screen.

Using this form will require you to input your username, password, and captcha code.

In order to log in, you’ll need to select the option.

In this manner, you can log in.

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