Latest Feature of Facebook Prompts Users to Read Articles Before Sharing Them

Latest Feature of Facebook Prompts Users to Read Articles Before Sharing Them

If you try to share an article without first reading it, Facebook may caution you to reconsider your actions in the future.

On Monday morning, the social media business said that it will begin testing a new feature that would require users to actually browse and read articles before posting them to the platform.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Recode that the company will begin testing the functionality on about 6% of its global Android users. As early as June of last year, Twitter began testing a feature of this nature and made it available to all users in September.

With Facebook’s latest measure, the company is attempting to restrict the spread of damaging information and misinformation on its network by encouraging users to take their time before sharing anything.

Latest Feature of Facebook Prompts Users to Read Articles Before Sharing Them

This form of urging has been promoted by certain social media academics for a long time, hoping to reduce the number of individuals reacting to a provocative title without actually obtaining the whole context.

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It’s difficult to tell how effective these new features will be, however, given that they’re still being developed. It’s also possible that users will simply ignore the prompts and continue sharing content as-is.

The problem is that, even if someone does click on an article after Facebook invites them to do so, there is no guarantee that they will actually read the entire story.

On Monday, Facebook tweeted an illustration of what the prompt will look like, along with the news.

Without clicking on the link in the article, Facebook will inform you that:

You’re about to share this article without reading it. It’s possible to miss important details if you share articles without first reading them. The company will then ask users if they want to read the article or not before they share it.

Latest Feature of Facebook Prompts Users to Read Articles Before Sharing Them

According to Facebook, the tool would be tested by a small percentage of users, but no additional remark was given.

Even if features like this don’t completely prevent the dissemination of incorrect information or controversial content, they may at least help consumers better understand the news of the day..

Twitter started testing a similar feature on its Android app in September, and the company shared some of its findings with the public. Prompts resulted in a 40% increase in the number of articles that were opened.

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Twitter also introduced a new tool last week that encourages users to rethink their use of “offensive or harsh words.” As the 2020 US presidential election approaches, both Twitter and Facebook have begun tagging and prohibiting users from “Liking” or reacting to content that is “politically misleading.”

In order to prevent the spread of bad material and divisive speech, social media corporations have a variety of tools at their disposal. Facebook and Twitter’s decision to ban Donald Trump from their services is one example of this.

However, this is a controversial option and, in many circumstances, a far too powerful instrument. Users may benefit more from features such as the one Facebook began testing on Monday that “nudge” them to stop sharing content that is inaccurate or inflammatory before they do so.

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