Jpay App: You Can Use Your Mobile Device to Send Emails and Money

Jpay App


You can now use the JPay app to send money and emails to loved ones who are currently incarcerated, such as friends or family members. Using the JPay for inmates app, you can not only send emails to inmates, but you can also attach photos to those communications.

JPay services, including money transfer and email to jails, are now available on the go with this financial payment app.

You can email numerous recipients and attach photos to emails using the JPay email software. This app may be found in our JPay review. Check out our list of the best money transfer apps for even more possibilities.

How It Works

You’ll be able to send money to an inmate’s trust account using your debit or credit card with this app. Because it’s a smartphone app, you can do it whenever and anywhere you choose. The software gives you complete control and freedom.

You can now use your credit or debit card to send money directly to an inmate trust account with the jpay app for inmates’ newly enhanced Send Money feature. You can use the Jpay app to send many emails at once.

Jpay App

It is possible to send and receive emails from inmates via this software in addition to paying money through it. Please keep in mind that this service is only provided at a limited number of prisons. You may also send photographs along with your message when you use the email feature.

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Multiple recipients can be included in an email. Other users have expressed their want to be able to send pre-stamped emails to an imprisoned. There’s a lot of logic here, and it appears to be something worth considering.

It’s possible to personalize the process of sending money. You may quickly and easily add, update, or delete your payment methods.

As a result of the most recent changes, you no longer have to worry about sending money through the app due to security flaws.

The Rules and Regulations

You must first create a JPay account in order to make use of this app/service. Visit to get started. Using the services is as simple as signing up for an account.

Because this software is used to send/receive emails and send money, it makes natural that there are security precautions in place when you first use the app.

You’re ready to go once all the paperwork is completed. There aren’t many frills or gimmicks in the main menu, and the user experience is plain and uncluttered.

Jpay App

When you first open the app, you are presented with only four choices: money, email, video, and music.

Video visitation is only available in a few states, and you must visit the website from a computer in order to use the feature.

While the JP4 mini-tablet is being set up to accept JPay credit purchases, the app is still in development. On your desktop, for now, you’ll be able to use the music software in select states.

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Cons and Benefits


Sending money to those who are incarcerated has never been easier.

Send a prisoner an email with a photo attachment by using this service.

Multiply the number of recipients you can email


To utilize any of the features, an account is required.

All functionalities of the app aren’t accessible through it.

Final Thoughts

It appears to me that the JPay app is an excellent fit for this particular market. At this stage, several of the most important functions of the app can only be accessed via the desktop.

However, it’s a strong beginning or introduction.

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