iOS 15.0.2: Apple Wants You to Update Your iPhone to Solve a Security Flaw

iOS 15.0.2

For AirTags and Leather Wallets with MagSafe, iOS 15.0.2 brings a fix from Apple.
In addition, iOS 15.0.2 patches a vulnerability that, according to Apple, has already been exploited.

The iPad and Apple Watch both received new software updates from Apple.

Only a few days before the iPhone 13 series went on sale, Apple began rolling out iOS 15. Bugs began to appear as soon as the app was installed on an iPhone that was eligible.

Despite Apple’s latest release of iOS 15.0.1, a number of issues remained.

Now that iOS 15.0.2 is available for all eligible iPhones, Apple has addressed some less serious problems including the one with the Find My iPhone feature.

In addition, Apple claims that the vulnerability it patches may have already been exploited, so you should apply iOS 15.0.2 immediately.

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iOS 15.0.2

iOS 15.0.2’s patch notes have been made public by Apple to make things as clear as possible for you.

Find My’s Items tab was unable to display AirTags before this update, which is the most common problem it fixes. You should now be able to see your AirTags in the Find My app after installing the update.

Apple has addressed a number of other software issues, but let’s focus on this one for the time being.

iOS 15.0.2 includes a fix for a vulnerability that, according to Apple, is already being exploited by those with the know-how. An unnamed researcher has been credited by Apple for alerting the corporation to this security weakness.

Because of vulnerability CVE-2021-30883, an attacker can be able to take control of your device and even steal data by attacking the IOMobileFrameBuffer and “executing arbitrary code with kernel privileges” on it. Because of this, Apple has released an update that should be deployed as soon as it becomes available.

Now, let’s move on to other types of bugs. After the discussion has been removed, images saved to the library in the Messages app will be deleted, according to Apple’s patch notes.

The iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe also has a fault that prevents it from connecting to the iPhone’s Find My network.

Another fault Apple has corrected is that CarPlay sometimes fails to open audio apps and disconnects during playback. Also resolved is a problem that might cause an iPhone 13 to fail to restore or update using Finder or iTunes.

Many problems remain, including the one that causes messages on the notifications panel to behave erratically.

Expanding the notifications reveals vast empty spaces where notifications sometimes overlap and other times sit far apart.

iOS 15.0.2

Given the pace at which iOS 15 bug fixes are being released by Apple, it is highly likely that this issue will be fixed in the near future.

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This flaw was also found on the iPad mini 3, which is why Apple released iPadOS 15.0.2 at the same time as iOS 15.0.2. (6th generation). The following are the changes:

After deleting the associated thread or message, photos saved to your library from Messages can be erased.

In some cases, the Find My Items tab will not display AirTag.

Using Finder or iTunes to restore or upgrade an iPad mini can fail (6th generation)

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