How to Share Wifi Password from PC, Android, and IOS

How to Share Wifi Password

What Is the Wi-Fi Password, You Ask, Because It Is the Most Crucial Question

You’re at a loss for words; your new coworker requires the information. Sheryl in marketing probably made a note of it, but she won’t be in the office this week. Surely you don’t want to go rummaging through her desk and find out what she has been up to?

Probably not, and you certainly can’t find it now that you’ve looked. Does that mean your new employee must use a dial-up modem or a dial-up modem and an ethernet cable to connect to the network?

No. The secret phrase can be retrieved from your gadgets. In conclusion:

The Windows Control Panel is where you’ll find the details of your current network, including the password. You can use the command prompt or install external software to connect to different networks.

Android’s Wi-Fi settings are where you’ll be able to access and share your various passwords with others via QR codes.

While you can’t access previously saved passwords on an iOS device, you may quickly share the credentials for the network to which you’re currently connected. In addition, you may access all of your saved passwords from your Mac.

All of your passwords may be viewed with a single click in Keychain Access on a Mac.

That’s a high-level description; if you need help or want more information, stay reading. I’ll explain everything steps by step.

In Windows, Here’s How To Get at Your Wireless Network’s Security Key.

Although Windows lacks a Wi-Fi sharing function, it is simple to view the security key for the wireless network to which you have connected.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app, then navigate to Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2. , select Wireless Properties after clicking the network’s name.

  1. Select the Security tab, and with the Show characters option selected, you will see the Network security key (your password).
How to Share Wifi Password

To reiterate, this only applies to the network to which you are presently connected. There are two ways to access the passwords of other networks.

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Go to the “cmd” prompt. Netsh WLAN show profile is an example of a network configuration command. If you substitute “NetworkName” with the name of the network for which you need the password, “NetworkName key=clear” will display that network’s password. If you don’t know the precise name of the network for which you need the password, you can get a list of networks by entering the command netsh WLAN show profile.

Get yourself an external app. Both the Magical Jellybean WiFi Revealer and the WirelessKeyView apps will reveal any saved Wi-Fi credentials.

What You Need to Know About Android’s Built-In Wi-Fi Sharing Features

Your Android handset makes it easy to send and receive passwords, as you can easily view the password or generate a QR code to swiftly distribute it.

The first step is to access your device’s settings, then navigate to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Move beyond the active networks to Saved networks, and then tap the network you want to share.

Third, a QR code will appear when you select the Share option; this can be used to distribute the passphrase. The password is displayed underneath the QR code in plaintext.

Sharing Your IOS Device’s Wi-Fi Password

How to Share Wifi Password

While it’s not possible to view a list of saved Wi-Fi passwords on an iOS device, the password for the active network can be easily shared.

A window similar to this will appear whenever someone in close proximity to you attempts to join a network to which you are already connected.

To connect with someone you know, select Share Password. What a smooth operation. Be aware that in order for this to work, Bluetooth must be turned on in both devices.

Please note that this only applies to the network to which you are now connected. There is no method to view or trade other users’ passwords.

If you also possess a Mac, though, you may get around this limitation by taking advantage of iCloud to synchronize the passwords you’ve saved on your iOS device with your Mac, where you’ll have full access to your vault of protected information.

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Methods for Locating a Macintosh Wireless Network’s Security Key

Keychain Access on your Mac is where you’ll find your Wi-Fi passwords.

Simply launch Finder and navigate to Applications > Utilities. Another option is to press Command+Space to bring up Spotlight and then search for “Keychain Access.” Your wireless network key is stored in the System menu.

Second, find a network you want to join, click it, and then select the Show password option. Keep in mind that on most gadgets, you’ll need an administrator password, which is also your user password.

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