Hamraaz App 6.52: Sign up And Use the Most Recent Version of Apk 2022.

What’s New About Hamraaz App 6.52 Compared to Previous Versions?

To be one of the best armies on earth, the Indian army requires its troops to have regular access to information regarding their salaries and other benefits.

As long as there are parts of India with some of the most severe terrain, this will be a problem for them to conquer.

The Indian Army soldiers themselves have come forward to develop it in order to reduce delays. Development and upkeep of the app are handled by the Adjutants General Branch’s (MP-8) technical staff.

However, it only applies to Indian army personnel and not to the general public.

A lot of new features have been added to the Hamraaz Latest version 2021 app, such as online grievance administration, AFPP fund subscription modifications, pop-up message information dissemination, and bug fixes.

How Can I Get the Most Recent Version of Hamraaz App 6.52?

For the sake of privacy, the Hamraaz App 6.52 Download Latest Version 2020 is not available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Also, the software is not available in any of the third-party app stores for free or for payment. You may quickly download the Hamraaz app by scanning the QR code.

Hamraaz App 6.52

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A soldier must go to a certain app website link in order to download the app.

There are three options available on the website:

Access to one’s own account
It’s possible to get the app from a number of different sources.
Login for administrators
You will be taken to another page after clicking on the download link for the Hamraaz app on the website.

The OK button can be clicked once the app download pop-up appears.
Sign up for an account by downloading and installing the app.
As soon as you’ve entered your Aadhaar card number, you’ll receive an OTP to authenticate your identity.

Next, provide Hamraaz with the information he requests, which will be your Army credentials.

Upon completing the registration process, the Hamraaz Army app will display that you have successfully logged in.

What’s in The App?

Among the app’s features are:

Form 16 – Paystub for the Month
Management of complaints via the internet
Pop-up messages tailored to each user
Subscriptions to the AFPP fund are now being changed.
Fixing bugs and disseminating information about potential security risks, malware, and other issues with the website.

In 2021, how Can I Use Hamraaz 6.52?

In addition to getting and viewing payslips, Hamraaz’s current version 2021 of the app may be used for a variety of other tasks.

It will require you to set a password for your monthly payslip after you’ve installed it.

How Do I Open My Pay Stub in The Hamraaz App?

Auto-linking to a payslip account will occur after entering Army information.

The password now requires the first four numbers of your PAN card and your enrolment date (including your date and month alone and not the year).

When you click on the Payslip tab to download your most recent payslip, you’ll be prompted to enter this password.

In the Hamraaz app, you can open your payslip by following these instructions.

Hamraaz App 6.52

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How Do I Get Started with Hamraaz?

There are two tabs when you start the Hamraaz 6.52 version app: one for logging in and one for signing up.

When you’re asked to join up for the app, simply tap the sign-up button.

In the event that you’re prompted, enter your PAN number.
You’ll also need to enter your ARPAN password in order to log in.

OTP generated for your phone must be entered if you do not have or do not remember the ARPAN password.

You can choose whether or not to get the OTP on your registered mobile phone or email address. After that, simply click the “Request OTP” button and wait for the code to arrive. Entering the OTP into your phone is the only way to complete the process of signing in.

Next, you’ll be led to a screen where you’ll have to select a password, a security question, and a toggle button to accept the T&C from your end.

You can now log in to the app by entering your PAN number as your username and your selected password as your password.

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