Google Stadia May Add Touchscreen Controls on Android: Take a Look at The Specifics

Google Stadia May Add Touchscreen Controls on Android

Stadia’s tight controller requirements are one of the most perplexing drawbacks of Google’s game-streaming service.

It is impossible to play Stadia games on anything other than the official Stadia controller, which must be hooked into a computer through USB.

As a result, the service has been rendered unusable as a gaming platform for mobile devices.

Despite Google’s assurances that these specifications will evolve and that other controllers will be supported in the future, Reddit user SmashShock has created a workaround that allows you to play Stadia games on your phone without having to wait for the company.

Google Stadia May Add Touchscreen Controls on Android

With SmashShock’s TouchStadia app, you can play Stadia games without a controller by using touchscreen controls on Android and desktop PCs.

TouchStadia Desktop installation and use To use touch controls in Stadia, Chrome users may simply install the TouchStadia Chrome extension, while Android users must follow the following steps:

In the box, click and drag to select all of the text. Then, copy it. It is recommended by the TouchStadia GitHub documentation that you copy/paste directly from the URL, as here is where all code updates will be made first.

Open Stadia in Chrome, then pick “Desktop Site” from the “Hamburger” menu in the upper right.

It’s as simple as copying and pasting this code into a URL bar in another browser window, with no spaces in between.

To run the code, press “Enter.” Connecting a controller will be indicated by a pop-up message.

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Google Stadia May Add Touchscreen Controls on Android

The on-screen button overlay now lets you control your games. Users can hit CTRL + ; to enable edit mode and change the buttons around as they see fit. The default configuration mimics that of Stadia’s controller.

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Despite the official demo clip showing TouchStadia working in Destiny 2, I recommend using touch controllers for games that don’t demand as much precision.

Playing phone games with touch overlays is a fiddly and less responsive experience than playing with a traditional controller.

But even if it’s less responsive, having the option to play Stadia without the need for a tedious USB setup is better than having none at all.

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