PUBG: New Erangel 2.0 Map Coming Soon in Mobile Version

pubg erangel 2.0

Tencent Gaming recently released the glimpse of the new Map. The map is simply the updated version of the old map named Erangel. The Erangel new map 2.0 is what they called will be coming soon to the mobile version.

PUBG Mobile Tweeted:

Since after the news for the erangel 2.0 came the twitter is filled with support. Currently, over 1900 peoples are talking about this, including 1.3k retweets and 5.8k links.

people reaction on new erangel 2.0

People were really amazed by the new map’s improved graphics, a much better HDR and all this in performance-friendly. They were really shocked about if the map is really a mobile version of not.

What’s New in the Erangel 2.0?

  • New Map textures
  • Improved HDRs
  • Performance Boost
  • Better Visuals

Also PUBG Mobile has also confirmed a partnership with popular TV series, The Walking Dead. The developers will soon introduce a new zombie mode is on the cards.

Stay tuned for all the PUBG’s new and latest update for new updates and version.

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