PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: Best Tips To Survive Zombie Night

PUBG has announced its new update with zombie mode intact. PUBG Mobile gave his users a full Zombie Survival along with Battle Royal experience.

One of the Promising Battle Royal Game PUBG By Tencent Games has just partnered with Resident Evil 2 recently and the update came up with a zombie survival mode into the battle royal changing the game experience entirely.

Along with this Update also introduced improvement and introduction of new features like Moonlight weather in Vikendi Map, Arcade mode for Sanhok and more.

The game is serving a beta version of its upcoming Zombie Mode  Officially. The mode is still in the testing beta final mode until it finally introduces into the main mode selection area.

What is Survive Till the Dawn in PUBG?

Survive Till the Dawn mode serve the player and intact experience of battle royal along with Zombie Survival. 60 Players jump into the map of zombie where they need to survive till the Dawn from the zombie.

The game only is giving 2 night before the final circle close by but surviving these night is going to be a tough job. But keep in mind that you can only win the Chicken Dinner once you kill all your opponents.


How to Survive The Nights?

1st Night

The first and foremost is to plan to land at the best location. School and pochinki are the best options for loots in zombie mode.

Once landed on the Zombie’s land first and foremost thing you need to focus is for loots to get survive the first night. Make sure your friends are all around with you before it gets dark. Loots like Shotgun, machine gun, riffle ammo, first aid kits, med kits, energy drinks, and painkillers are the priority.

Don’t waste ammo on engaging the zombies in the daytime just keep running and save the ammo for the night.

You must find a Shotgun as they are the best impact on closeby zombie and killing them nearby drops you loot which you can collect.

The first night will be going to be easy to survive from zombies but second won’t. Find shelter a house or rooftops where you can plan your strategy just before the night falls. Call your teammates together and help each other in surviving from zombies.

You can also survive the first night by start running in an open field; Zombies are slow and can’t catch you but then if you won’t kill them you won’t get loots from them.

2nd Night

Once you survive the first night now its time to find a vehicle because the second night going to be insanely hard to survive you can’t run in an open field and survive you will die feeding zombies.

If you can’t find a vehicle just get your teammates around and get your loots collected and start eliminating Zombies. Look for bombs mines and Zombie vaccination, Minigun or Flamethrower, they are the best to get your alive during the night.

Bonus Trick to Survive

Zombies don’t come into the water so you can swim the entire night into the water and zombies won’t hurt you. Just Jump into the water when the night falls and watch zombies show waiting for you on shores.

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