PUBG Xmas Gifts; Introducing New Snow Map & Vehicle

Pubg a.k.a Player Unknow Battle Ground is bringing us with a lot of gifts this Christmas. The Game is intended to mainly bring about the release of a new map. The name of the map is announced as Vikendi” which is a snow map. The map is the fourth in the series of previous 3.

The new updated version is coming across platforms including PC, Mobile, PlayStation 4, and  Xbox One.

The total maps which player can play now include: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok & Vivendi.

Release Date of Pubg Vikendi Map

The newer version is expected to be push to the store from Dec 18th. As obvious the game will take 2-3 days to entity reached to the entire audience. Players can update the newer version and can play the snow map before 25th.

Features of New Vikendi Map

  • The map is a snow map and might include wild animals (new snow gilly suit) 😛
  • The map has a ton of ice terrain that gamers can enjoy.
  • Players can see the dynamic clouds in the new map.
  • The Snow in the New Map will include the trace of footprints and tire trails which players can use to detect the presence of other players nearby.
  • Movement on foot i.e while walking or running. Using a normal vehicle is difficult too, here snowmobile comes handy.

Featuring Snowmobile

pubg snowmobile

  • Walking, running or driving normal vehicle going to be difficult in the snow terrain, Snowmobile going to be useful here.
  • The glimpse prided shows a two-seater automobile as snowmobile

With Pubg brings a lot of updates including maps; this can lead to the question of whether players might expect for more new upcoming maps in the game in the future.

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