Next Call of Duty Game Will Soon Be Revealing to Audience

Call of duty new game soon

One of the most promising and active audience First Person Shooting Game know to be Call of Duty is coming back to gaming consoles.

The next Call of Duty edition is likely to be announced within the next 2 months, As Activision confirms in a conference call with game investors. The new editions will be having new maps, graphics, guns and more likely to introduce addition multiplayer game experience.

We don’t know the name of the next edition, though the chances are going to be Modern Warface 4 just after the Black ops 4.

President Rob Kostich said the latest series will going to be having an entirely new campaign as, “rooted in some of the franchise’s most important history” which lead to the rumors of next Modern Warface edition.

The next E3 event will be going to having this year’s June 11th and we could expect the new Call of Duty editions to be launching before it.

The next version rumors suggest that it will not be focusing on the Battle Royale mode, but will be focusing on the single-player campaign mode.

Can we conclude the next CoD Modern Warfare 4 will going to be ruling FPS game of 2019 which is yet to announce? We are looking forward for more updates on the game launch and more rumors ahead.

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