Fan Hacks to Keep Cool: Hacks that Keep You Cool Even without The AC!

Fan Hacks to Keep Cool

When it comes to the dog days of summer, you don’t have to worry. Use the fans you already own in an innovative way to combat the heat.

It’s everything you need to calm out—literally—with some clever fan placement and a few other must-have tricks.

  1. Check the Ceiling Fan’s Direction

You can tell if your fan is helping to cool you down or simply blowing hot air by the direction it’s rotating in. You may enjoy the breeze while sipping refreshing lemon water on the couch by spinning the blades counterclockwise throughout the summer months.

It’s a good idea to clean your ceiling fan while you’re changing the way it spins from season to season. Even on the warmest days, clean, unpolluted air makes you feel better.

  1. Create a Crosswind with Two Fans

Make use of the tradewinds to your advantage and create a refreshing one-two punch by forcing hot air outside while also drawing cooler air within.

During the day, keep all windows, drapes, and blinds closed to prevent direct sunlight from entering. Open your windows and grab two regular fans when the sun goes down. In the room where you want it to be the coolest, place a single fan facing the window.

Make sure that there is a lot of air flowing toward the first fan by using a second one. This can be done by putting the second fan facing inward, either in front of a second window or by forcing air into the room you’re cooling down. Using this system, stale, heated air is evacuated and replaced with cool, fresh air.

3. Take Advantage of the Design of Your Home

Fan Hacks to Keep Cool

Homeowners can use their home’s layout to cool it down with a little experimentation.

For example, tall windows can be a significant asset in the removal of warm air from your residence. If you want to circulate warm air outside, you can set fans as high as possible in front of an open window.

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A two-story house is like that. To keep your home cool, place fans in the upper floors facing open windows. Additionally, room-darkening cloth can be added to windows that cannot be opened (or regions of the home that receive a lot of sunlight).

4. Use Ice for a DIY AC Unit

Set a fresh, spotless floor fan in the middle of the room (or as low as possible). Make sure the fan is towards the ice bucket. A large shallow roasting pan might also be used. Your skin is refreshed by the cold mist created by the fan as it drains the sweat from your body.

Freezing water bottles and placing them near a fan will help circulate colder air, too. Another option to cool the air in your home is to place a moist, cool cloth in front of or over a fan.

  1. Angle Your Fans Just Right

In spite of the fact that it may feel wonderful to close your eyes and allow the breeze from the fan to hit your face, aiming the fan directly at you (or the person you’re cooling) is a bad idea. A heat-lifting wind can keep you cooler for a longer period of time by tilting your fans slightly upward instead of allowing the air to cool your body.

With your fan facing the other wall and the air bouncing back, it will assist you get back to your preferred level of comfort.

6. Take the Breeze Outside

Once you leave the confines of your home, your fan continues to cool you. Even if it’s hot and humid outside, finding a shady, breezy area to cool off could be preferable to the choices you have within. Consider bringing your fan outside to aid in the cooling effects of the breeze.

It’s a bonus that a good fan may keep mosquitoes and other flying pests at bay while you try to rest. Due to their dislike of flying against the wind, mosquitoes tend to stay away from windy locations.

7. Pair Your Fan With a Dehumidifier

Fan Hacks to Keep Cool

Sweating, which acts as a natural cooling agent, is built into our bodies to assist us in dealing with high temperatures. When the air is too humid, our sweat doesn’t evaporate as quickly, making it difficult to get the relief we need.

Using a dehumidifier will help your body cool down when the temperature rises, making it easier for you to be comfortable in the room. With a dehumidifier and a fan, you’ll be able to cool off twice as fast!

8. Don’t Let Your Linens Work Against You

Heavy, heat-trapping sheets are stronger than any fan system you may have. Get rid of your heavy winter apparel and blankets in favor of something lighter, such as a cotton or linen blend.

After 30-60 minutes of chilling in the freezer, your sheets (or even t-shirts) can be used. Put on a cold top or get into your cool bed for immediate relief, but your fan will assist keep you cool longer and lower your core temperature as well.

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9. Catch More of The Breeze by Adding Mist

The relief of a quick run through a lawn sprinkler on a hot day will be familiar to anyone who has experienced it. When using oscillating or dual fans, make sure to spritz yourself with a plant mister every few minutes.

Using a small amount of water to sprinkle your face or body has the same immediate cooling impact as a cold wind on a wet forehead.

10. Ensure that All Other Electronic Devices Are Turned Off.

Your dishwasher, oven, stovetop, television, and refrigerator are all appliances that will boost the temperature in your home. Except for shutting down your fridge, which is not suggested, you can keep things cool by limiting how much you use these appliances when it’s hot.

Reduce the use of your dishwasher and oven during the day. Smaller restrictions might have a cumulative effect. Make every effort to lower the temperature at night by turning off whatever you can. In the morning, you’ll be able to sleep in a cooler house because of this.

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