Crazy Taxi: Get All the Details About This Classic Video Game

Crazy Taxi

It’s safe to assume that anyone who played video games at all in the late ’90s and early ’00s has heard of Crazy Taxi.

You couldn’t go into an arcade back in the day without hearing Dexter Holland from The Offspring belt out the chorus to “All I Want,” but the game’s widespread popularity also stemmed from its simple premise: transport as many passengers as possible to their final destinations within the allotted time to rack up the most cash. Simple.

If I had to put it another way, I’d say that my mom never really got into video games, other than maybe playing Tetris on her Game Boy Pocket.

Though I don’t recall much about her, I do recall her playing Crazy Taxi on our Sega Dreamcast. The game has all the hallmarks of a great arcade experience, being absurd, humorous, and striking at first glance.

These are the reasons why Crazy Taxi became popular back in the day, but I think there are additional reasons why it has lasted this long. A beginner wouldn’t expect to find much beneath the surface, beyond memorising the locations shown on the map.

Crazy Taxi

For the majority of my life, I thought of Crazy Taxi as nothing more than a fun little journey with an unforgettable soundtrack that solidified my devotion to Bad Religion.

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It wasn’t until the past few years that I seriously committed to developing my abilities. Possibly seeing a world record run on YouTube, like the one up there, inspired me to train harder at the game, but I can’t be sure.

As a kid, I probably never got higher than a B rank, which would put my highest score below $4,000. Meanwhile, some people were making over $100,000 and playing for two hours straight, as if the initial 70 seconds were nothing.

As a result, I delved a little further and finished the game’s Crazy Box tutorials, which teach players a variety of strategies for improving their performance in the game (but, critically, not all of them).

The two-year system in Crazy Taxi is one of the game’s defining features, setting it apart from other arcade driving games of the modern era.

The only two gears you’ll be able to switch between throughout the game are drive and reverse, though making strategic gear changes (such as going from reverse to drive immediately before taking off) will drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes to reach maximum speed.

When done backwards (kind of; it’s a bit more difficult than that), this will cause your cab to stop precisely when you want it to. The same manoeuvre used while turning will cause a Crazy Drift by kicking the back out.

These methods may seem complicated at first, but remember that you only have two gears to think with, so with some practise, you’ll soon be a pro. If you haven’t been performing them up to this point, if you start doing them consistently your high score will increase by a factor of two.

But there’s a secret move that the game doesn’t bother explaining called the Limiter Cut, and it completely changes the game.

Basically, you may increase your cab’s top speed much above its normal limit by reducing throttle use, changing into reverse, waiting for a breath, and shifting back into drive while moving. Achieving a six-digit run becomes much more conceivable after you learn to use the Limiter Cut effectively.

Although it has never been confirmed, it has always been my suspicion that the Limiter Cut was not a planned feature of Crazy Taxi. Shifting frequently, in conjunction with throttle position and braking pressure, causes the physics to behave in unexpected ways.

Crazy Taxi

While I have no doubt that the Crazy Drift and Crazy Stop were designed that way, the Limiter Cut has always struck me as more of a happy accident, an unintended result of the game’s zany physics. The good kind of jerkiness makes them hilarious.

Clever strategies like the Limiter Cut get to the heart of what makes Crazy Taxi such a satisfying pastime. There is a relatively low threshold for entry, but the potential reward for mastery is enormous.

In the past week, I’ve gotten back into gaming and have broken my previous nightly Dreamcast best practically every night. There isn’t another game, of any type, that I can recall having that experience with. When you’re in the zone, it seems like you’re always improving.

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While you’re working on your physics skills, take mental notes of where specific customers are located so you can find them later.

Arcade course seems to have multiple viable paths to victory. In contrast to the expansive worlds of today’s video games, this map is linear and loops.

if you can anticipate where clients will go, you can figure out a good path and start beating the competition without spending time going in circles. For my own convenience, the sooner I can get past the bus station, the better.

Nearly 21 years after its initial debut for home consoles, Crazy Taxi is still a delight to play because of its smart blend of technique and strategy.

Like many games, I doubt I’ll ever fully understand it, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying to improve as much as possible. This is how you know you’ve created a classic video game.

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