Chrome Extension for iCloud Passwords by Apple: Check Here for All the Latest Updates

Chrome Extension for iCloud Passwords by Apple:

An official iCloud Passwords Chrome addon has been released by Apple. With this add-on, Chrome users on Windows and Mac can use and sync iCloud Keychain passwords on their Chrome browsers.

Those who have been using iCloud Keychain as their primary password manager on Apple devices will find this particularly beneficial.

As a result, they will be able to effortlessly switch between operating systems (Windows or Mac) and web browsers (Chrome or Safari). New passwords created in Chrome are likewise saved to your iCloud Keychain by iCloud Passwords, according to Apple.

The iCloud Passwords extension may be downloaded from the Chrome Web store and is compatible with both Windows and Mac Chrome.

Chrome Extension for iCloud Passwords by Apple:

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Allows you to utilise your iPhone, iPad, or Mac’s passwords while browsing the web in Chrome using a Chrome plugin for Windows or Mac computers.

New passwords made in Chrome will be saved to iCloud Keychain, as previously noted, so they can be accessed on Apple devices in the future.

This is a much-needed extension, especially for individuals who use Chrome and Safari on both Windows and Apple devices on a regular basis.

Both your iPhone and your Windows computer may now simply access your passwords. When you generate new passwords, they are automatically synchronised.

If you use iCloud Keychain as your password manager, this extension is a must-have.

Chrome for Windows and Mac users will receive automated password suggestions once the extension is installed.

Chrome Extension for iCloud Passwords by Apple:

Last week, a mention to the iCloud Passwords extensions was found in the most recent version of the iCloud for Windows 10 application.

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iCloud Family Sharing was introduced by Apple in December of last year. In-app purchases and subscriptions can now be shared with family members, thanks to a new feature unveiled at WWDC 2020.

Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple News+, and Apple TV+ are all included in these subscriptions.

Additional family members can use these apps on their own devices and accounts after you sign up for a family plan with any of these applications.

Those operating iOS 14 or macOS Big Sur are the only ones who can use this feature.

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