Check Trial Allotment of Plus One Application: How Do I See the Results?

Check Trial Allotment of Plus One Application

What Is the Procedure for Checking the Trial Allotment for Plus One 2021?

Trial allotment lists would serve as a reference for admissions. Here’s how to see if your name is on the trial allotment list.

Visit for more information.

Candidates must provide their candidate login credentials in order to access the system.

When a new page is opened, you’ll need to switch to it.

Then enter your details after selecting your district.

This is where you’ll find the HSCAP trial one list.

Admissions are scheduled from September 14 through September 19 based on the results of the first trial allotment list.

Please Tell Me how One Can View Their Trial Allotment Results

Check Trial Allotment of Plus One Application

The Plus One list was made public by the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE).

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There is a waiting list for admission to the Kerala Higher Secondary (Plus One/+1/11th class) after students complete the application forms.

Click on the Trial Seat Allotment 2021 list on the Kerala HSCAP Home Page.

The candidate’s name, date of birth, application number, and the district would be required to log in.

Your trial allotment list will appear on your screen as soon as you press the Submit button.

The Plus One Trial Seat Allotment results should be printed out for future reference.

Obtaining a Plus One Application Form in Pdf Format Is Not that Simple.

Check Trial Allotment of Plus One Application

On the application form, you can obtain a PDF file by selecting the “convert to PDF” option.

If you’d rather, you can generate a PDF by printing a document.

When you print, you’ll have the option of printing to a PDF instead. Your application form can be downloaded as a PDF using this tool.

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When Will the HSCAP Allotment Be Available?

This year’s HSCAP allotment release date is September 13th.

Kerala Plus One Trial Allotment 2021 Result: When will it be made public?

On September 13th, 2021, the Kerala Plus One Trial Allotment Results 2021 were published. It is possible to make changes to the form and then resubmit it if you find an error.

On the 22nd of September 2021, the website will publish the first allotment result with the revisions.

HSCAP +1 Trial Seat Allotment 2021 Result: Where can I find it?

Visit to see the 2021 HSCAP + 1 Trial Seat Allotment Result.

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The results of the HSCAP Plus One Trial Allotment 2021 are not difficult to find, and you may do it right now.

Students can use the information in this article to verify their trial allotment results.

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