Bitlife Hacks: Best Tips and Hacks for Bitlife Hacks

Bitlife Hacks

How to Make Your Stupid Character Smart and Get Good Grades:

A character can become the next Einstein even if they start out as someone who just eats tree bark. It’s as simple as reading as many books as you need to until you’re knowledgeable in the subject.

Your IQ will soar when you finish a book. In general, the more information you obtain in a book, the smarter it is. If you want to achieve good scores, make sure you also “Study Harder.” Another option for accessing books is to go to the library.

In Bit Life, how To Go to Law School:

You’ll need strong marks and an improvement in IQ if you want to go to medical school. In the preceding tip, we described how to accomplish this. As a high school athlete, you may also be able to get your college education paid for, or you may be able to persuade your parents to do so.

You’ll want to major in “political science” or “English” when you go to college. You’ll want to go to “Law school” after you finish that. You’ll be at the top of your class in no time if you keep up the outstanding grades.

In BitLife, How To Get Into Medical School:

Getting into medical school is as simple as getting into any other college or university. In the first suggestion, we taught you how to improve your grades and IQ by being lengthy.

You should then select “science,” “biology,” or “nursing” as your college major directly out of high school.

After that, you’ll have a slew of professional options at your disposal. They include brain surgeons.

Bitlife Hacks

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How to Win Bit Life’s Lottery:

The more you play the lottery, the greater your odds of winning. If you’re lucky enough to win the lotto, you’ll be overjoyed. The only thing we can suggest is that you keep trying in the hopes that something will come of it.

How to Make a Lot of Money and Be Successful in BitLife:

Being a professional athlete is a certain way to get rich and famous in BitLife. When you know what you’re doing, becoming a professional athlete is a piece of cake.

It’s possible to do this with nearly any of the randomly chosen characters you begin the game with. The only thing you need to do is devise a strategy early on in the life of your character.

The road to financial success is paved with athleticism. However, it is not impossible to become physically fit. Your character’s only goal is to get physically fit enough to play on a sports team.

Everything goes downhill from there once you’re on a team. Until you are mature enough to join a gym, begin your exercise regimen with “2-Hour Speed Walks.” If you don’t have the upgrade package, you can still take Martial Arts classes, but you’ll have to watch a commercial each time.

When our character became a quarterback for a football team, we made nearly a billion dollars. It was also simple to move him up the ranks in his profession.

You can be picked straight out of high school if you make a good enough basketball team and do well throughout your time there. However, this does not imply that you will generate more money over the long term.

Make sure you don’t go over your budget by purchasing expensive vehicles like boats and private jets. Neither your character nor yourself benefit from this, as their value diminishes with each passing day. It has a negligible effect on their happiness.

In Bit Life, There Are a Number of Ways to Boost Your Happiness.

If you have a boat, take it out for a spin in your garden. It’s so simple to raise one’s level of happiness. You will feel less content if, for example, you fail to expel a ghost from your home or if you get divorced.

However, if you follow our earlier advice, you’ll be back to your old self in no time.

Bitlife Hacks

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Make a Purchase in Real Estate:

When you retire, you can make more money if you acquire a number of homes and let them appreciate in value before selling them. Even though you can earn up to three times as much money in BitLife as you did in your entire career by buying and selling residences, your spouse will not be pleased with this activity.

You should always buy things in cash, but if you don’t have the money, it’s best to take out loans and then sell them a few years later. The value of less costly homes does not rise as quickly as the value of more expensive ones.

Ten years from now, a property valued at $1 million will have tripled in value. When you become a well-known athlete, you will have the financial resources necessary to purchase a large number of houses, and you will be overjoyed with your newfound wealth.

Give your Money and Property to Your Next Character Before They Die

The government will seize half of your property and earnings if you wait until after you’ve already died before moving on to the next character.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by simply clicking “Play as” on one of your children, which will automatically transfer all of your possessions to them.

Don’t do it when they are too young, or else the property you give them will be worthless and they will be saddled with debt for a while just to keep up with the payments.

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