Best iPhone Apps for Free: Apps that Are Absolutely Essential for iPhone Owners to Have

Redditors are doing the public a favor by pointing out some of the best free iOS apps available. If you’re looking to get some rest, there are a slew of options available to you. You’re on the right track.

See Which Free iPhone Apps Are the Most Popular Among Redditors.


Running, hiking, and biking enthusiasts can turn to AllTrails for trail information. According to Redditor Wookiepuke, the site provides information on the trails, including difficulty level, elevation, and length, as well as the location of the trail.

App users can also share photos of trails and offer feedback for other users. You can see if the trails are dog- or kid-friendly on the map, as well.

Khan Academy

Non-profit organization Khan Academy provides free online educational resources to help students learn. However, the term “student” does not imply that you must be enrolled in a university or college.

The term “student” in this context simply refers to someone who is interested in furthering their education.

You can learn about everything from art history to astrophysics and everything in between with this app, which was recommended by Reddit users Colgate and OJ.

Best iPhone Apps for Free:

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Users can input information about their preferences and diet goals into Mealime’s app, which then suggests recipes based on those preferences and goals.

Because of the app’s capacity to tailor recipes to a user’s preferences, it should save a lot of time in the kitchen.


In the past, how many times have you tried to watch a television show, only to find that the sound was either muted or hard to hear due to the background noises?

To use Tunity, you simply scan the screen, and the software sends your TV’s audio directly to your phone or tablet. In noisy, busy places, Redditor mike-mag adds that it’s ideal for watching the game instead of speaking with the man next to you who can’t stop talking.


Redditor awkwardlyonfire suggested Libby, which is essentially an e-library. If you have a library card, you have free access to your local library’s ebook and audiobook collection.

Using the app, you can link your library card and then access the library’s collection from the comfort of your home. If you want to read a book, all you have to do is download it.

Each and every one of your “loans” is automatically repaid when it’s time. There aren’t any penalties for arriving late! As a result, you can access the library’s resources without leaving your chair. In the event of a global pandemic, this product is ideal.’


In order to “share photographs, videos, audios or other files with your pals and across screens,” AirDroid makes it simple for users to do so.

Assume you wish to transfer images from your phone to a PC or other device. Your computer’s AirDroid account should be able to detect your phone’s AirDroid account as long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Your computer will then recognize the photographs and videos on your phone and allow you to select which ones to transmit. USBs, cables, and data costs are non-issues with this system. The app’s details can be found here. Recommendation by Reddit user RODjIj

Best iPhone Apps for Free:

Insight Timer

According to the app’s description, Insight Timer includes guided meditations of various lengths, taught by “the world’s leading meditation and mindfulness specialists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and teachers from Stanford,” Harvard, and more.

As of this writing, the Redditor’s post has approximately 400 points, despite the fact that their account appears to be deleted. They have our gratitude regardless.

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Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

Menstrual cycles can be tracked using Clue, which allows women to record information about their menstrual symptoms.

Additionally, Clue analyses this information to anticipate when the user’s period will arrive, as well as the severity of their corresponding symptoms.

The clue was used by Redditor annabear to schedule her Valentine’s weekend getaway so she wouldn’t be in the middle of her cycle. It appeared to operate flawlessly based on their post.


Even though Shazam is well-known and has been for some time, it’s still worth mentioning when discussing excellent free apps.

Anyone with the Shazam app may use it to find out the name of any song playing on the radio or in a store, and Shazam will tell them who is singing it.

As a result, you’ll never again wonder, “What the hell is that music called?” Redditor DunkyChameleon provided the tip.


Let me tell you something: math is a lot harder than you think. A single problem can take you an hour to solve, and you’ll have no idea what to do.

You can use the Photomath study tool to capture a photo of the problem that you are studying. Using the app’s technology, it scans the problem and provides step-by-step directions on how to fix it.

What a wonderful discovery this would have been if I’d heard about it earlier. Reddit user Mattiusdagrub8 suggested this.

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