Best Free Fire Characters: Most Powerful Characters of Garena Free Fire

Best Free Fire Characters

As one of the most popular battle royale games, several developers and publishers are attempting to cash in on the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile. When Garena Free Fire was released in 2019, it shook the mobile gaming market to its core, and hasn’t let up since.

Garena Free Fire has a few unique characteristics that make it stand out from its PUBG and PUBG Mobile cousins.

To give an example, Free Fire allows users to choose a character as a starting point for their avatar, and this gives a level of personalization to in-game characters. However, there are some characters who are better than the rest.


Wukong is the name of a legendary Chinese warrior (Camouflage)

Best Free Fire Characters

If you want to win a battle royale game, you may have to play dirty and kill your opponents before they have a chance to react. Sniping and ambushing are two common methods, but Free Fire gamers now have another option courtesy to Wukong: disguises.

It takes Wukong just ten seconds to become a shrub, but it comes at a price: a 40% slowdown in movement speed. Not only that, but Wukong may also reset this cooldown for each kill with a 250-second cooldown timer.

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Alvaro (Art Of Demolition)

Best Free Fire Characters

Those who play any battle royale game know how devastating a throwable bomb can be when utilised correctly, and Alvaro’s penchant for explosives is a perfect match for those gamers. With Alvaro’s expertise as the game’s demolitions specialist, you can be sure that your bombs will be even more deadly.


Skyler (Riptide Rhythm)

Best Free Fire Characters

The non-damaging explosive Gloo Walls are an excellent defence in Free Fire because they build a wall that shields players from gunshots. Players that have to cross Gloo Walls to kill adversaries may find this inconvenient, but CEO-superstar Skyler has all the tools necessary to exterminate the competition.

It is possible for Skyler to use Riptide Rhythm in order to demolish up to five Gloo Walls in a 50-meter radius.


Clu (Tracing Step)

Best Free Fire Characters

To avoid a fierce counterattack, aggressive players know that missing an enemy is an invitation to be brought down in a ferocious counterattack. Clu, a private investigator, is the best person for the job because she has all the tools she needs to keep tabs on the people around her.

By virtue of her Tracing Step ability, she has a 50-meter radius in which she can ping all opponents who aren’t lying on their back or their stomach.


Jota’s (sustained Raid)

Best Free Fire Characters

In a battle royale, players don’t necessary need to be careful if all of their opponents are dead, however this is usually reserved for either sweating or extremely aggressive individuals. Fortunately, Jota’s gameplay favours mayhem over caution, making this playstyle incredibly viable.

All of this is made possible by his Sustained Raid, which gives him a tiny boost in HP anytime he takes an enemy down.


Captain Booyah/K (Master Of All)

Best Free Fire Characters

The concept of EPs is what sets Free Fire apart from other battle royales, as it allows players to use EP to heal HP without the need for recovery items if they earn enough EP. Capt. Booyah is the only character in the game who can enhance the game’s EP-to-HP recovery system.

It is possible for him to reach a maximum EP of 250 thanks to his Master Of All ability.

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DJ Alok (Drop The Beat)

Best Free Fire Characters

Even though players can be killed during a gunfight, battle royales can quickly become perilous for players who have not recovered from a prior combat before rushing into a new enemy. It’s this lack of recovery time that sometimes leads to tragic encounters, and the music from DJ Alok seems to help them recover even just for a bit.

DJ Alok’s Drop The Beat summons a 5-meter zone that heals players and allies inside for 5 HP/second for ten seconds, as well as granting them a 15% movement speed boost.


Chrono (Time Turner)

Best Free Fire Characters

It may be more vital to stay alive than to inflict damage in a game like Free Fire. In addition, while having a lot of healing components can make life a lot easier, it’s still evidently more convenient if players didn’t take any damage at all. It’s here that Chrono comes in. Chrono is a bounty hunter who travels back in time in order to aid the weak and defenceless.

Chrono’s primary weapon is the Time Turner, which he uses in battle. Chrono’s movement speed is boosted by 10% when he wears this shield, which can withstand 600 damage.


A124 (Thrill Of Battle)

Best Free Fire Characters

A player’s knowledge of the ability to restore their HP through the usage of EP is one thing, but actually finding it useful is quite another. A124’s ingenious ability allows her to get around the problem of not being able to use her whole stock of EP if she takes too much damage too rapidly.

The Thrill of Battle skill of this assassin allows him to instantly convert 25 EP into HP, however this has a 90-second cooldown.


Kelly (Dash)

Best Free Fire Characters

Kelly has one of the best abilities in the game because she has a lot of practical applications for it. Having a sharp wit and athletic build, Kelly relies on her ability to outrun and exceed her opponents in a battle royale where danger lurks around every corner.

As a result, her Dash allows her to sprint at a higher rate in the game.

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