Best Alternatives of Free Fire: Garena Free Fire Has Been Banned, but You May Still Play These Alternative Games

Best Alternatives of Free Fire

Since its debut in 2017, Garena Free Fire has enjoyed enormous popularity and undergone significant refinements. The popular battle royale shooter has remained a mainstay of the Google Play Store’s top ranks in terms of downloads.

Because of its low system requirements, Free Fire has become a popular game.

Free Fire MAX’s recent popularity has also increased the number of people who play both games, as they are so similar. Cheats have also risen sharply as a result of the game’s rapid rise in popularity over the years. As a result, Garena has been able to ban a number of criminals.

The anti-hack policy of the corporation has also assured that players who have had their accounts suspended are unable to access them again. As a result, those who have been banned from using Free Fire are forced to look for alternatives.

In order to prevent making the same error again, players should not play the same game twice.

The Most Pleasant Substitutes for Prohibited Players Are in Garena Free Fire

1) PUBG Lite for Android and iOS

Best Alternatives of Free Fire

A version of PUBG Mobile aimed at Android users with less-than-stellar phones, called PUBG Mobile Lite, was made available. Because of its modest system requirements, it’s reasonable to say the lite version has been quite successful.

Due to their similar target demographics, both this game and Garena’s popular BR shooter have emerged as direct competitors. Even yet, the Lite version is more similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of visual design, with the same being true for the game’s characters, maps, skins, weapons, and modes.

In terms of graphics quality, the former has a distinct advantage. Aside from PUBG Mobile, low-end Android devices are still the greatest option for those who have been banned from the game.

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2) Pubg Mobile and Its Variants

Best Alternatives of Free Fire

In addition to its stunning visuals, PUBG Mobile is noted for its immersive gameplay. But despite many countries’ bans, the creators have released regional versions like BGMI, Game for Peace, etc. with success. to counter this trend. Because of this, PUBG Mobile has been able to sustain its global fan base.

If you have at least 3 GB of RAM on your phone or tablet, you may want to give this app a try instead of Free Fire. Although the gaming experience will be noticeably smoother than many of today’s high-end mobile games, they will have to use the lowest in-game settings.

3) ScarFall – The Royale Combat

Best Alternatives of Free Fire

If you’re seeking for an alternative to Free Fire, you might want to take a look at ScarFall. Unlike the latter, which requires a high-end device to run well, the former has mediocre visuals.

Both games have a similar battle royale match configuration, therefore banned individuals can still play ScarFall. They should instead look for other games if they are more concerned with the mechanics of the game.

ScarFall isn’t worth downloading on iOS devices when there are better options available on the App Store.

4) Farlight 84

Best Alternatives of Free Fire

For those looking for a free-to-play BR shooter that is slightly different from Free Fire, Farlight 84 is the answer. As a result of the improved graphics and physics provided by the game’s higher file size, it uses fewer system resources.

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In addition, the BR mode has a futuristic backdrop in which matches take place on an abandoned island in the distant future. Among the in-game extras available to players are exo-suits, futuristic vehicles, and cutting-edge weapons.

Farlight’s graphical style resembles popular shooters such as PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends in appearance.

5) Infinity Ops: Cyberpunk Shooter

Best Alternatives of Free Fire

FPS games have become enormously popular among gamers ever since the Call of Duty series rose to prominence. If you’re looking for an alternative to Free Fire, COD Mobile isn’t going to cut it.

Infinity Ops is an excellent alternative for smartphones with 2 GB of RAM when it comes to mobile FPS games. Exo-suits, jetpacks, and other futuristic weaponry can be found throughout the game.

Both Android and iOS users will love the game’s high-octane action and variety in multiplayer mode.

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