Benefits of Cannabis: Everyone Should Be Aware of The Health Benefits of Cannabis

Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis is a complex, multifaceted, and at times divisive plant with a long history. Cannabis’ adaptability and utility have driven it into a wide range of sectors and goods, particularly in the medical arena.

What You Should Know About Marijuana

Understanding cannabis can be complicated, but we’ll do our best to make it understandable: Cannabinoids, the term for the many chemical compounds found in cannabis, number in the hundreds.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the two most widely studied cannabinoids. Cannabis’ psychoactive component, THC, is what causes individuals to feel “high,” whereas CBD, which is used medically instead of recreationally, is a non-intoxicating, non-euphoric compound that you may have seen in oils, candies, beverages, and other products.

How Does Cannabidiol (CBD) Help People’s Health?

Even if you’ve never heard of CBD, it’s clear that it’s becoming increasingly popular and has even spawned an entirely new sector here at JWU.

Researchers are still trying to figure out how useful CBD is as a medicinal treatment, but early results are encouraging. Several studies have shown that CBD offers health benefits.

  1. Lowering Blood Pressure
Benefits of Cannabis

JCI Insight conducted a study in 2017 that indicated that CBD reduced the blood pressure of human subjects.

Stress tests including mental arithmetic, isometric exercise, and the cold pressor test lowered their resting blood pressure.

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2. Inflammation Reduction

According to a study by the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, CBD has been shown to help reduce inflammation and the neuropathic pain it can induce.

3. Prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and relapse

According to the results of a study conducted last year, CBD may be helpful in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

A preclinical study with lab rats found that CBD reduced stress-induced cravings, anxiety, and a lack of impulse control, which can lead to relapse in people who are already addicted.

4. Treatment Of Disorders of Anxiety

A preclinical study indicated that CBD may be useful in treating anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, which is likely the most frequent illness for which individuals have taken CBD.

5. GI (gastrointestinal) Problems Treatment

Using CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids to treat and prevent GI illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and more have been demonstrated to be helpful.

Reducing and avoiding symptoms are made possible by CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities.

6. Preventing Seizures

Benefits of Cannabis

CBD has been studied for decades as a treatment for epilepsy and other seizure disorders, and a new study found that it helps reduce symptoms and frequency of seizures.

  1. The Battle Against Cancer

There are several anti-cancer properties of CBD that can help prevent a wide range of malignancies, treat tumors, as well as improve the immune system, and CBD has been used to ease the effects of chemotherapy, as well.

There are other advantages that are still being investigated and evaluated, in addition to these seven.

Students in our new Cannabis Entrepreneurship programme are expected to play a significant part in the development of the cannabis industry’s future.

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