Battlegrounds Mobile India Series: Announced with A Prize Pool of One Million Dollars! Verify Your Registration

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 has been announced by Krafton.

Starting on July 19, players can sign up for the first tournament in the series.

There will be a prize fund of Rs. 1 crore for the competition, Krafton has stated.

Krafton has launched the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series in honor of PUBG Mobile India’s growing popularity, which has already surpassed 3 crore downloads on the Google Play Store.

As announced last year, Krafton will hold its first tournament series in India this year. On July 19, registration for the tournament’s first leg will open to Battlegrounds Mobile India participants.

Krafton announced that the first-place award for the inaugural series would be Rs 1 crore.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series

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Krafton’s first esports competition comes just a few days after the official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. After an early access release on June 17, Krafton released the game on July 2.

According to Krafton, the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 will include multiple competitions this year, with some of those tournaments involving collaborations.

PUBG Mobile’s creators, on the other hand, have not disclosed the names of the companies with whom it has partnered for the series’ first leg.

On July 19, registrations will open for the inaugural Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 201, which will last for three months. There will be some preliminary matches, but the competition will get increasingly severe as it nears the final.

Prize money totals Rs 1 crore at Krafton, with Rs 50,00000 going to the winner and Rs 25,00,000. The second place finisher will receive Rs 10,00,000. The fourth-place finisher will receive Rs 3,00,000. And the fifth place finisher will receive Rs 2,00,000.

The first Battlegrounds Mobile India Series tournament will be decided by these five stages:

Only Indian players are allowed to join Battlegrounds Mobile India because the game is only available in India.

Participation in the first qualification round is only possible after a player has registered for the competition and has at least a Platinum level account.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series

There are additional requirements for players to qualify for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series In-Game Qualifiers, such as playing 15 matches with registered teammates during a specific time period after registering.

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Only the best matchups will be considered for the following round. Other factors such as finishes (euphemism for kills), surviving time, and accuracy will be taken into account if there is a tie between teams. Krafton said only the top 1024 teams will advance to the next round.

Only Android phones can play Battlegrounds Mobile India, hence iPhone users will be unable to take part in this round of the tournament.

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