How to Automate Your Workflow in Simple Steps

As an association or credentialing body, you’ve probably considered ways to make your employees more efficient and responsive to their constituents by automating some tasks.

One way to do this is through the use of a database automation system. Association Anywhere association management software or Certelligence credentialing application management software users are always eager to get their hands dirty and start automating their applications.

It’s unfortunate that this doesn’t happen all the time. In order for automation to be successful, there must be a shared understanding and teamwork among all employees, as well as an overall vision for the future.

Organizing Your Automated Workflow

This is like building a house—you wouldn’t begin without a set of plans including floor plans and wiring diagrams and plumbing locations. Workflow automation is no different when it comes to laying the framework for a successful deployment through careful planning.

With so much detail required, it can be difficult to know where to begin in the process of drawing down a company’s present workflows.

Think about how your company processes a paper application, for example.

Automate Your Workflow

Thinking about a piece of paper being printed, sent, then passed around the workplace is the first step in this process.

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Automation software can be used to solve pain points for staff members, inefficiencies and overlaps, as well as places where the process might be streamlined.

Even if your application is currently live or has some level of automation, you should take this procedure into account.

How to Automate Your Workflows

Step One: Embrace Happiness

To get things started, let’s sketch out a Happy Path. If everything goes according to plan, there will be no detours and the procedure will run smoothly from beginning to end.

It’s possible that our path to credentialing happiness looks like this…

Filling out an application is done by a customer.

Sending an application from a customer to an organization
Customers are asked to supply additional or clarifying information as part of the evaluation process.

Customer information is provided to the company by the customer
The application is either approved or denied by the company.

You’re ready to tackle the exceptions now that you’ve nailed down the essential steps in your process.

Step 2: The Road Less Traveled.

Step two is to ask yourself what would happen if

Is it possible that the consumer provided only a portion of the information?

The company requests more information, but the consumer never responds. What’s going on?

The customer has failed the test.

Is the customer unable to take the examination?

Uncertainty reigns in the review committee’s deliberations.

Questions like these can help you create a precise list of requirements for your process based on the needs of your firm.

Automate Your Workflow

3rd Step: Investigate the Reasons

It’s critical to keep asking, “Why do we do it this way?” throughout the process. “The system must accomplish this” is a phrase I hear regularly from organizations.

They say it’s because that’s the way things have always been done, but it doesn’t offer any value. Improvements and improvements can be made in those business processes that can be identified.

However, if the answer is “because the bylaws say so” or “regulation mandates it,” you know that these will be the most important requirements and business process checks for your company.

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Step 4: Estimate Your Own Capacity

There are times in the Not-So-Happy Path when companies get lost on how to handle exception use cases. Until you ask “how many?” those worries may not seem important at all.

How many times a year does this occur? It’s likely to be a one-off manual process if your firm handles thousands of applications a month, but the pain point only occurs 20 times a year. It’s essential to keep your priorities straight.

Do you want to find out more about automation software for associations and certification organizations? Check out the second part of the blog post, which includes

Step 5: Drill Down into the Detail. An infographic depicting Steps 1–5 is also available. It’s available for free here.

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