Asana Desktop App: Get It for Mac or Windows and Find out How to Use It.

When Asana becomes a significant part of your workflow, you’ll need to check it frequently throughout the day. Every time you want to see what’s in your Asana Inbox, it can be a pain to switch browser tabs or reopen windows.

Despite Asana’s lack of native desktop software for Windows, we can develop an Asana programme that stays in your Windows 10 taskbar.

A Windows desktop programme can be created using any of the following four techniques.

Chrome browser users can use an extension called Application for the first method. Users of Microsoft Edge, which has the capacity to turn websites into apps, are the second group to benefit from this feature.

Another option, if you’re not using Chrome, is to utilize a free app called Nativefier. This is a little more involved than simply installing a programme, but it is well worth the effort.

Using a programme called Web2Desk, you may generate an app that can be installed on Windows using Nativefier.

How to Make an Asana Desktop App Utilizing Application, Method 1

Using Application, you may create a Chrome extension. Please enter in the URL field.

Asana desktop App

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Select the “Advanced” tab. The app can be named “Asana” if you provide it with a unique icon. In response to “Would, you prefer external links to open inside as popups?” Toggle the Yes switch.

Go to the “Generate & Download Chrome Extension” button and click it to get started.

Chrome should now be in developer mode. The following should be pasted into the Chrome toolbar:

Turn on Developer Mode in the upper right corner of the screen. Chrome must be restarted after this to take effect. This add-on will continue to work even if you turn off developer mode.

Add the extension to your browser by clicking the button below. Install the Chrome Extension by dragging and dropping it to the Extensions page.

Check to make sure you aren’t dragging a file directly from the Chrome browser downloads bar because it won’t work.

Pin the new application to the taskbar. Optional, but highly recommended for ease of use! ; The Asana online app is now available in the Chrome app launcher. It can be pinned to the system tray.

Method 2: How To Develop an Asana Desktop App with Microsoft Edge

Go to with the Microsoft Edge browser in your hands.

Select “Apps > Install” from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the ellipsis “more” icon in the browser’s upper right corner.

The app should be called “Asana.”

The programme will be added to your desktop and Start menu as a shortcut. Open the Start menu, navigate to the programme, and then select “More > Pin to taskbar” from the context menu that appears when you right-click on the app icon.

To Construct a Desktop Asana App Using Nativefier, See Method 3 below.

Node.js® is available for download. For Nativefier to function, this is necessary. To download and install, click the Windows Installer link.

Scalable network applications can be built using the Node.js runtime for JavaScript. Just do it if you don’t care what it means to you. You don’t need to change anything.

Reboot your computer.

Nativefier can be installed via the command line on the Node.js terminal. To install, simply copy and paste the following into your browser and hit enter:

npm run nativefier -g to install

More information can be found at the Getting Started with Nativefier help center.

Create an Asana web app wrapper. Copy and paste this command into the command line of Node.js and hit enter:

nativefier —name “Asana” “” native

Pin the new application to the taskbar. Optional, but highly recommended for ease of use! ;

OAuth does not appear to be compatible with this approach at this time. Your Asana Premium administrator may forbid you from doing this if they insist on using Google as your login method.

Asana desktop App

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Asana’s attachment feature may be affected, in which case you’ll need to use Asana in your browser for the time being.

To Create an Asana Desktop App Using Web2 Desk, See Step 4.

Use Web2Desk to build an app. You can name the app “Asana” if you enter in the URL area.

Uploading an own icon is also recommended, as the default icon can become pixelated when resized. In order to download the app, you must provide an email address. However, you can still do so regardless of the email you choose.

On the next screen, click “Create now” to begin downloading your Asana app for Windows. If the next page doesn’t load after a few seconds, try refreshing the page.

You can unzip the file and then install the extension.

Take advantage of the taskbar by adding your new app. Optional, but highly recommended for ease of use! ;

Here it is…an Asana desktop software in all its glitz and glam!

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