Apple Vr Headset Is Unlikely to Work with The Metaverse: This Is Because It Will Emphasise Mixed Realities

Apple Vr Headset Is Unlikely to Work with The Metaverse

At Apple, the concept of a metaverse is considered to be “off-limits,” which stands in direct opposition to the approach taken by Meta.

With its headset, Apple would rather concentrate on providing users with condensed versions of virtual and augmented reality experiences.

It is anticipated that Apple’s augmented and mixed reality headgear would be a stand-alone device equipped with a pair of Sony 4K Micro OLED screens.

Businesses like as Meta, which was once known as Facebook, are placing significant bets on a future called the metaverse.

In this future, people would live in virtual worlds using virtual and augmented reality technology such as VR headsets.

Apple Vr Headset Is Unlikely to Work with The Metaverse

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However, it appears that not many corporations are willing to embrace the concept of the metaverse, and it appears that Apple is one of the companies that falls into this category.

The journalist adds that Apple had reportedly ruled out the notion of developing their own metaverse, which is according to the Power On newsletter that is written by Mark Gurman.

In the newsletter, he stated, “I was told in no uncertain terms that the concept of a wholly virtual world where consumers may escape is off-limits for Apple.”

Apple will rather focus on providing brief experiences of virtual and augmented reality with its headgear rather than providing users with the opportunity to step into another planet.

If the rumour turns out to be genuine, Apple’s strategy for mixed reality would be quite different from that of its primary competitor, Meta.

Apple seems resolved to steer clear of the metaverse, in contrast to Meta, which has moved its AR and VR efforts in that direction.

Since we are still very much in the infant stages of the technology behind virtual and augmented reality headsets, it is impossible to say for certain whether or not Apple’s strategy will emerge victorious over Meta’s.

The acquisition of the Canadian virtual reality business Vrvana Inc. by Apple in 2017 for the price of $30 million added fuel to the fire of rumours that the tech giant has been working on a mixed-reality headset since at least 2015.

There were rumours that the headset will be released in the year 2020, however that did not occur.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for Apple, said in November 2021 that the mixed reality headgear will be released in 2022.

Apple Vr Headset Is Unlikely to Work with The Metaverse

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He also anticipated that it would be powered by Apple’s M1 chips and have an additional processor on board to handle sensor tracking.

An investment letter that was written by Kuo indicated that the new device would incorporate Wi-Fi 6 E in order to provide connectivity with increased bandwidth and lower latency.

It is anticipated that it will also have a high-tech design that will incorporate an original arrangement of three displays.

The range of prices that have been bandied around for Apple’s rumoured mixed reality headset is fairly broad, with estimates ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for the product (approx. Rs. 74,000 to 2,23,000).

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