Amitbhai vs Ajjubhai: Check Here Who Has Superior Stats in Free Fire

Amitbhai vs Ajjubhai

They are two of India’s most popular content creators for Free Fire.

Total Gaming and Desi Gamers, two well-known YouTube channels, are run by these two players.

Subscribers to the two content creators total more than 22.5 million.

Pleased to meet you, friends. In this comparison article, we’re going to look at the most popular YouTubers from Free Fire.

Let’s get to know Amitbhai and Ajjubhai, the two YouTubers we’ll be comparing in this article.

India’s most popular Free Fire YouTube channels are Total Gaming and Desi Gamers.

Ajjubhai and Amitbhai are the people behind these channels. In the Indian Free Fire community, both players are adored and revered.

Combined, they have more than 30 million active users. Here, we’ll take a look at their Battle Royale statistics and see how they stack up.

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Amitbhai vs Ajjubhai: Free Fire Id and Lifetime Stats.


Amitbhai vs Ajjubhai

It’s 451012596 for his Free Fire account.

As far as Free Fire games go, Ajjubhai is a complete rock star! More than 21 million people have joined his platform as of this writing.

As of this writing, Ajjubhai has participated in 11143 squad games and has won 2707 of them, resulting in a winning percentage of 24.29 percent

While playing in 1671 duo games, he won 310 matches.

A 4.16 percent K/D ratio has resulted in a total of 6492 kills.

On the other hand, he has also played 906 in solo mode and won 79 times, with an 8.7% success rate.


It’s 206746194 for his Free Fire ID.

One of the best Free Fire content producers is AmitBhai. There are a lot of interesting challenge videos, 1v4 games, and more on Desi Gamers’ YouTube channel.

In 7976 squad matches, he has a win rate of 25.69 percent, with 2197 victories.

He has a K/D ratio of 3.90 in these games, with 20764 kills.

He has a win percentage of 16.25 percent in duo mode after playing 4194 games and winning 732 of them.

As a result, he has recorded more than 11,000 kills. Around 3329 solo modes have been played, and he’s won 270 out of them.

Ranked Stats of Amitbhai vs Ajjubhai


Amitbhai vs Ajjubhai

More than three-quarters of Ajjubhai’s 383 squad games have ended in victory. He has a K/D ratio of 5.62 with 1691 frags in the process.

He has a winning percentage of 42.85 percent in three of the seven ranked duo games he has played this season. His kill-to-death ratio is nine to 36, with 36 kills.

As of now, he hasn’t won or killed anyone in two solo games.


At 19.77 percent, Amitbhai’s win percentage in 177 squad matches is the best in the league. As a result of this, he has a K/D ratio of 3.84 and 545 kills to his name.

A 7.89 percent win rate is achieved by playing 114 duo games, of which the YouTuber has won nine first-place finishes. At 3.45 K/D, he has collected 362 frags.

Amitbhai has a win percentage of 14.54 percent in his 55 single encounters, which translates to eight wins for him. With 198 attacks, he has a K/D of 4.21.

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Free Fire community leaders Ajjubhai and Amithai are household names in India. They are both excellent players with impressive stats to back it up. Ajjubhai has a higher win % than Amitbhai in the lifetime squad mode.

Ajjubhai’s solo and duo matches can’t be compared because he hasn’t played many of them before.

As a result of his superior win rate and K/D ratio, AmitBhai holds a significant advantage over Ajjubhai. Ajjubhai against AmitBai in Free Fire was the focus of this post.

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