Alabama Gov Unemployment Weekly Claim: An Overview of The Application Process and How to Receive a Claim

Alabama Gov Unemployment Weekly Claim

How Do I Apply for Ui Benefits in Alabama?

To make a claim in Alabama, you’ll need the following documentation.


Logging into in order to apply for benefits in Alabama

Follow the on-screen directions to “create a new claim” or “reopen a UC claim.” Online benefit applications allow you to submit them whenever and anywhere you like.


You can call 866-234-5382 to apply for UI benefits in Alabama if you don’t have access to the internet. File your claim using a touch-tone telephone. Those without access to a touch-tone phone can use a phone at an Alabama Career Center that has been designated for that purpose alone.

This is followed by a series of questions that you must answer by hitting specific numbers on your touch-tone telephone keypad. Later, you might be handed over to a claims specialist, who might ask for more details to finish your claim.

Phone the toll-free call center at 800-361-4524 or visit for follow-ups and general information.

How to Submit Weekly Insurance Claim Forms

Visit the ADL website or call the ADL touch-tone voice process system to submit your weekly claims.

During the process of filing your weekly unemployment claims, you’ll need your social security number and the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that was assigned to you.

It is possible to apply for weekly certificates starting at 12.00 am on Sunday and ending at 5:00 pm on Friday (Central Time). The deadline for submitting weekly claims is 5 p.m. on Fridays.

Alabama Gov Unemployment Weekly Claim

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Indemnity Benefits

This calculator can help you figure out how much money you’re entitled to each week in the state of Alabama.

Using the benefits calculator below, you may get an idea of how much money you’ll receive each week based on your base period salary. Find out how much money you’re entitled to each week in Alabama.

Tips for Applicants Who Have Already Filed an Application

After submitting a UI claim, you’ll be asked to follow a set of rules. The consequences of not complying with these rules can be dire, and they can also lead to a halt in financial advantages.

The state of Alabama’s career centers should also be on your radar.

Collections of Overpayments

For example, if you made an error when filing for benefits or could not work for the entirety of the benefit period, you may have received an overpayment. You may be eligible for overpayment benefits if you are undergoing a study.

Several tools exist in Alabama for detecting UC overpayments and fraud. Wage and benefits audits, quality assurance audits, reports from the fraudulent, and reports from the state and national new-hire programmes are some of the procedures used.

A Notice of Determination of Overpayment will be sent to you if the state of Alabama finds that you were overpaid benefits. This shows the amount of the overpayment and explains why you received an overpayment.

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False information on your claim application or failure to report any relevant information that could influence your eligibility for benefits could be deemed fraud.

Fake information on your claim or weekly claim forms is prepared as an act of swindle. As part of a claim for benefits, it is illegal to withhold information about your eligibility. If fraud in your unemployment benefits payments is discovered:

After the final date of your fraud determination, you will be disqualified for 52 weeks.
Once you’ve paid the full amount of the scam, you’ll need to file another claim.

A 104-week disqualification period follows the final date of the fraud decision for any subsequent action that is proven to be fraudulent.

Class B felonies and class A misdemeanors are both possible punishments for the crime of unemployment fraud. You may be arrested if a warrant is issued for your arrest. If you’re found guilty, you’ll be:

Class B felonies are punishable by a prison term of up to 20 years or a term of no more than two years.
Class c felonies carry a sentence of up to 10 years in prison or a term of no more than one year and one day.

Sentencing for a class A misdemeanor was limited to a year in prison.

You can voluntarily pay your overpayments to the Alabama Department of Labor with a personal check, money order, certified check, or cashier’s check. Overpayments can also be made online at if you wish to do so.

Contact the Benefit Payment Control Section at (334) 956-4000 if you have any queries about overpayment or payback.

There must be a written record of any and all repayment benefits. Please use the following address for any payments.

Alabama Gov Unemployment Weekly Claim

Montgomery, Alabama 36131 (334) 956-4000: Alabama Department of Labor, Benefit Payment Control Section 3430 649 Monroe Street

Extending the Benefits

When the unemployment rate is too high or the economy is in a slump, the state of Alabama gives benefit extensions.

Visit the Alabama Department of Labor’s website for further information.

Training for The Workplace

The network of career centers in Alabama serves as a one-stop-shop for job seekers from all around the state.

The center provides services such as job development, occupational and educational training, vocational rehabilitation, and information on Unemployment Insurance.

Workers with certain skill sets are sought by potential employers through the centers.

Several of these facilities are electronically linked to other organizations. For example, the Alabama Department of Education and Human Resources.

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Among the Many Services Provided by Alabama’s Career Centers Are the Following

No internet connection? No problem! There are options for job seekers who need them.
Employees are encouraged to use these centers’ internet connections to contact with possible employers.

The centers make use of individual career assessment tools to evaluate each employee’s professional capabilities and match them with the appropriate job profile.

Employees fill out job referral forms, which are then distributed to other members of the center, in the hopes that one of them may identify a suitable candidate.

At the centers, applicants are given all the information they need to know about UI eligibility so that they know exactly how to file for benefits.

Applicants can use the centers’ fax, copier, and phone facilities to transmit and receive documents for their employment hunt.

Creating a CV is a routine workshop offered by these facilities as well.

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