Aashif Sheikh: Wife Name, Age, Family, Hobbies, and Body Measurements

Aashif Sheikh

Aashif Sheikh is a popular Indian comedian. Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, the most popular television show of all time, made him a household name.

People are eager to learn more about this impressive performer. Don’t worry, I’ve covered every aspect of this actor’s career.


Aashif Sheikh is his name.
My birthday is November 11th, 1964.
58 years old (in 2022)
Delhi, India, is where I was born.
Religion- Islam
A married person’s marital status
Profession- Actor
He’s hot right now. His comedy series is a huge hit with viewers. His birth date is November 11, 1964. Aashif Sheikh will be 58 years old in 2022.

The city where he was born, Delhi, is located in the country of India. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, is where he grew up.

Actor by trade and one of the top comic actors in the business.

Zeba Sheikh is the name of Aashif Sheikh’s wife, with whom he has a married life.

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Body Measurement

Aashif Sheikh

Five-foot-nine-inch stature

The average weight of 66 kg.

Slim and tall, he commands respect. Aashif’s height is 5’9″ and he weighs 65 kilogrammes. Although Aashif is 54, he is physically fit and has maintained his physique.

Let me describe his physical attributes to you. His appearance is straightforward. In terms of skin tone, he has a pale complexion. His hair and eye colour are also jet black. He still looks young despite his advanced age.

Education Qualification

Before embarking on a career in acting, Aashif finished his undergraduate degree. His school and college names are unknown, but he has a degree in hotel management from them.

Wife’s Name

Fans are looking for Aashif’s bride, according to the majority of them. In 1992, he got engaged to the woman of his dreams. He and his wife have been together for about 26 years now. He’s also a father.

Zeba Sheikh is the name of Aashif Sheikh’s wife. She has no ties to the film or television industries. She is a stay-at-home mom.

Aashif Sheikh Family

Alyjah Sheikh’s child
Maryam Sheikh, the author’s daughter


He had to work hard to achieve this level of achievement. To enter the theatre business, he had to work hard. He sold tea and scrubbed floors before landing a role in a television show.

When he appeared on “Hum Log,” he received his first big break. It debuted on the DD national channel as the first Indian television show.

Aashif Sheikh

From 1984 to 1985, this series aired. Afterwards, he appeared in numerous television shows and films.

However, seeing the popular television series Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain was the defining moment in his life. This is one of the most popular television shows, and many people enjoy it.

It’s a sitcom, so don’t expect anything serious. Vibuhti Narayan Mishra is the character he portrays in this show. In 2016, he received the ITA Award for the best comedic actor.


An Indian delicacy is known as Biryani
Kishore Kumar is a singer.
Salman Khan, actor


I like to read, watch movies, and cook.

In her spare time, he enjoys reading novels. He’s also a big movie buff. In addition, he enjoys preparing meals in his own kitchen.

He doesn’t eat vegetarian food. Men, for the most part, dislike the idea of having to prepare meals from scratch. Aashif, on the other hand, relishes the opportunity to prepare meals for his family.

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