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Shrewd Hacks for Playing at an Online Casino


Shrewd Hacks for Playing at an Online Casino

The house always wins, right? It’s hard to refute that statement, so this guide isn’t going to pretend that there is a sure-fire way to win at any casino. However, it will point you in the direction of some tips to maximize your experience and, hopefully, show you how you can increase your chances of hitting a profit. We have tips and tricks for every other part of our online lives, so here are some hacks for playing at an online casino.

Check out the RTP before you play

We just mentioned that the house always wins, but to what extent? Well, virtual games will run on RNGs (Random Number Generators) that determine the games are random and fair. These are checked by independent auditors, who publish figures called RTP (Return to Player). This is essentially house edge for virtual games, so it makes sense that the higher the RTP the more likely you will be to get a return. RTPs are usually published in each game’s rules section.

Be upfront and personal

Lots of people will walk into a place like the Bellagio and ask for a room upgrade and get it because the management knows they will likely stick around and play in the casino. The same rules apply for online casinos. If you are going to spend some money, make yourself known to the people who pull the strings. For example, sites like have VIP programs and approachable customer service, but not everyone is aware these benefits exist. It would surprise you the kind of special treats that are on offer, including personal account managers and invitations to VIP events. Worth checking out and worth asking about.

European trumps American

For those not experienced in playing casino games, they may shrug the shoulder when seeing games titles like American and European roulette. They look similar and the rules are basically the same, right? Well, that’s true, but the main difference in the games is that American roulette has an extra 00 slot on the wheel. That means if you are making a bet on roulette, the house edge in the American version is almost double that of the European. It’s simple math. This is especially important if you are playing live casino games, i.e. those without RNGs.

Follow the casinos on social media

You might feel that Facebook these days is reserved for pictures of your great aunt’s cat, Twitter the insane asylum for political head-bangers. But if you join an online casino, you should immediately start following the social media account. Why? Well, you can keep up to date with the latest news, etc., but there is also the opportunity to get unique bonuses, prizes, and freebies. Plenty of casino accounts will give out small awards for a ‘like and a share’ or a ‘retweet’. Check it out.

Be the person who reads the Ts & Cs

Casino bonuses can be a way to really beef up your wallet, but a lot of people don’t understand what they are getting. When a casino says, for example, you will get double your first deposit for joining up, they aren’t going to literally double your cash – because you could just withdraw it and they would be out of business. Normally, this bonus cash has to be played through a number of times before it can be withdrawn. But, guess what? Different games have different weighting to this wagering. Check the bonus terms first, and then play the games that have full weighting and bear in mind what we said earlier about RTP rates.


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