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How to Disable Google Chrome Dark Mode

Google Chrome

How to Disable Google Chrome Dark Mode

how to disable chome dark mode

Google introduced dark mode to its promising browser chrome and yet joined the race of dark mode era where dark mode lover got intact. While Dark mode has many benefits intuitively on human eye light reduction on long use. Chome’s version 74 officially release the dark mode and here you can enable it.

The dark mode is set such a way that it will detect automatically your system settings if you have dark mode enable or not and it will automatically switch to dark mode. But what if someone’s want to use chrome light mode instead of dark while enabling the dark mode of their system?

Let’s discuss How to Disable Google Chrome Dark mode in System dark Enabled!

How to Disable Chrome’s Dark Mode in Windows 10

There is no official way to turn off Chrome’s dark in the browser itself. Though here’s a trick to use Light Mode, using chrome’s light mode suffix.

  • Right Click on the Shortcut >> Properties.
  • Copy the suffix to the target “–disable-features=DarkMode“.
  • It will look like
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-features=DarkMode


How to Disable Chrome’s Dark Mode in MacOs

If you are running Chome on Mac Os and wishes to disable dark mode here you can do it easily.

Open Terminal by press cmd+space >> type “terminal”.

defaults write NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool YES
Restart Chrome to see the changes.
If you want to re-enable dark mode again, simply run in terminal
defaults write NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool NO


Alternative Solution

As mentioned there is no official or unofficial way to disable dark mode in windows 10 if you have enabled dark mode on windows 10. If you officially want to disable chrome’s dark mode you have to disable the Windows’s dark mode.

Using Light Theme — I’ve found some of these themes which look similar to light mode.

Also, you can use Chrome’s Official Theme to make it look Lighter.




I do really wish Google Chrome developers could have given the Dark mode enable/disable switch where it could become easier to disable dark mode, making the whole process much easier.

We could see this feature integrated into the browser soon as more users demanding this to have.


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