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Google Chrome’s Dark Mode: How to Enable it?

Google Chrome

Google Chrome’s Dark Mode: How to Enable it?

Google Chrome Dark Mode

Google Chrome just announced the latest version of their promising Browser, the latest updated version 73 have just added with a new user experience features along with minor version updates and bugs fixes.

The Newer version introduces the new Dark Mode in the browser where the user can change it to make it feel more comfortable.

The version is rolling to all the platforms including Windows, Max, Linus and other platforms including Android and iOS.

Along with the New Dark Mode, the Chrome also included a handful of many updates.

Chrome’s New Dark Mode

After the era finally came of Darker Version in the software; users kinds like it as it is much easier to read the font in the low contrast background and helps to grab the content in much comfortable environment.

I personally love the darker mode as it makes more comfortable in the long run and the low contrast won’t hurt eyes too.

The Darker mode is currently available only in the MacOS currently, but will soon be rolling to other platforms too, including windows.

But even if you are not the user of MacOS, you can still download the dark theme from the Chrome Web Store. There are a couple of them on the store including the Material Dark mode which feels good to have.

Mentioning about Dark mode — the usual bright and grey browser window toolbar, setting menu and Google Home page in new Tab been replaced with Darker Contrast color. Other parts of the browser such as settings page left in still white, though it will be in darker in future updates.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome?

Well, chrome it set the darker switch button to the hooked with the default Mac settings. If you enable Mac’s Darker Mode from “System Preferences” >> “General” >> “Appearance” >> “Dark Mode” — Your Google Chrome will transition into Darker Mode as well automatically.

Light Mode with Mac’s Light Settings

Dark Mode with Mac’s Dark Settings

Chrome’s address bar as well as a Setting menu in dark.

You might have observed the dark incognito mode introduced in the previous versions. Since the normal mode have also introduced with darker mode the developers added incognito mode icon on the right of the address bar to distinguish between normal and incognito mode.

What Else in New Chrome Version?

  • Support for PWA or Progressive Web Apps.
  • Creating portable content easier with signed HTTP exchanges.
  • Dynamically changing styles becomes way easier with constructable style sheets.
  • Support for Progressive Web Apps arrives for on Mac, bringing support for PWAs to all desktop and mobile platforms, making it easy to create installable apps, delivered through the web.

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