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Google Chrome to Add Scrollable Tap Bar Stripe Soon

Google Chrome

Google Chrome to Add Scrollable Tap Bar Stripe Soon

One of the most promising and long-running web browser Gooogle Chrome will now be adding scrollable Tab bar stripe. One of the chrome developers confirms that they are working on the solution of the multiple tabs to arrange in a proper manner or maybe a scrollable tab thing similar to the firefox.

If you open many multiple tabs in Chrome browser, you might have observed something strange. The tab size gets reduce until the title disappears and it’s hard to identify what tab is currently active of which tab it is.

If you look at Mozilla Firefox, you might see the tab management is quite well structured. The tabs only reduce till 76px per tab and nothing beyond, if you try to add more tabs you will be given a scrollable tab thing.

Many other Web browsers like Vivaldi, have the vertical tab like feature which some users find helpful to use.

Chrome on the other hand always sticks around with the more straightforward and simplistic design UI which consequently gives speed and performance across various platforms.

The Scrollable TabStripe For Chrome

In the recent Reddit post, Peter Kasting, Developer at Chrome UI mentioned, “scrollable tabstrip is in the works. In the meantime, try shift-clicking and ctrl-clicking to select multiple tabs at once, then drag out to separate Windows to group tabs by Window.”

In the meantime, Users can group the tabs on different chrome window by selecting multiple tabs and dragging to the front to create new windows. For windows, Ctrl+Shift and in mac, Shift+ Cmd can be used to select multiple tabs.

Alternative Solution (vertical tabs in chrome)

Those who are working with multiple tabs in chrome and wants to manage tabs with the ease can use some alternative ways to do so.

One of them is using extensions like Tabman Tabs Manager on the chrome web store.

Features of Tabman tabs Manager 

  • Faster, vertical navigation between Chrome tabs
  • Faster navigation between multiple chrome tabs.
  • View all your open tabs in a beautiful list.
  • Easy search from multiple tabs


For more updates on Google Chrome, Follow their Twitter handle @ChromiumDev or refer to the official website.

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