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How Apple Now Comes up with the New iPhones After the Bad Sales of Previous iPhone X


How Apple Now Comes up with the New iPhones After the Bad Sales of Previous iPhone X

Apple doesn’t need any introduction, every person knows about the Apple and about their phones. Nowadays Apple is going to be delivering three new iPhone; iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR and also the apple watch series 4. Last year in the days iPhone X was launched with amazing features, great camera, and the most stylish notch.

iPhone X started the trend of the notch in the Smartphone. iPhone X was launched at the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. It was totally unique from the older version of iPhone; iPhone X was launched without a home button. It was launched with the totally different look from other previously launched iPhone, which makes its price quite higher than the other iPhone.


Failure of iPhone X:

There may be many reasons behind the massive failure of iPhone X, but one of the main reasons behind the failure is its price. India provides the biggest customer base to apple, and the price of iPhone was Rs. 82000 of 64GB variant and Rs. 98000 for 256GB variant, which is quite much higher than many of the best Smartphone. Buyers can go for the other Smartphone with better features.

The Apple’s monopoly of quality is no longer going to happen, because there are many flagships Smartphone are available in the market for the fewer prices, which attracts the buyers away from the apple’s Smartphone. But Apple has the different scale that measures the product success; which is different from other companies.

Android phones are getting features like huge RAM, small bezels, huge HHD drives and OLED displays, and the iPhone user gets the same iPhone with a little up gradation. Every iPhone has almost the same features which indirectly decreases the want of people. This would be another reason behind the failure of iPhone X. but there are some amazing features in iPhone X as well, viz.  Wonderful camera, fast face unlock and the notch.

(iPhone has not appeared in the list by apple)

This is the reason which differentiates the iPhone X from other smartphones. iPhone X failure can’t decide by the market or some people but only can be decided but the Apple itself. Apple never reveals about their expected orders of iPhone X for quarter 1 of 2018, which only can decide its failure or success. But some resource shows that Apple’s planned to have 40 million order for iPhone X but they have to settle for only half the expected i.e. 20 million.

But there are some criteria that define the iPhone X success instead of failure as others. It is one of the most successful iPhones in the history in term of sales with such a horrific price. But Apple has created many iPhone series but all the series have the exact same look with slightly different features.  But somehow iPhone X has been a great success and which strengthen the faith of its customer in their brand, it also won back some of the users who left before.

Nowadays Apple is going to all new three iPhone viz. iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. And which are going to be totally different from older iPhone?

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be the sequels of the previously launched iPhone X, and iPhone XR will the cheaper version of the iPhone x with the basic design but it will have some key differences.

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