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Introducing Antminer S9 Hydo ASIC Miner


Introducing Antminer S9 Hydo ASIC Miner

antminer s9 hydo


Recent A new ASIC miner is coming into the market. A few days earlier the New Antminer S9 Hydro has been introduced into Bitmain’s Chinese website.  Now its been also up in their Bitmain English Website too.


Price Of Antminer S9 Hydro

Price has introduced quite high as per the mining is a concern but could end up making a fine profit in for considering a couple of years.

The unit cost has been set for $745 with $129 for the radiator and accessories along with $92 for the PSU

Total Unit costs 966$ / unit (Shipment and VAT excluding).

Shipment will be going to be added for around 50-200$ depending where you live.


Featuring S9 Hydro Miner

  • Product model: S9 Hydro-18.0T
  • Hashrate: 18 TH/s
  • Power efficiency: 96 J/TH
  • Adapted power supply : 1728W / 220V
  • Noise Level: 45dBA @ 25°C (max: 58 dBA, min: 26 dBA)


Detailed Overview

s9 miner detailed characteristics


What’s New?

Sadly there is nothing much interesting in the newer version this miner. As the name said S9 Hydro — it is in actual the upgraded version of the Bitmain S9 Miner.

The Upgrade is the additional add up of hashing board, which translates into more hashrate with proportionally higher power consumption.

The Hydro — thats right this miner have this interesting cooling system add up with actually uses fresh water for cooling the mining unit.

The introduction of the hydro cooling does require a constant flow of the water and in exchange, the mining unit gives the less noise operation while mining as compared to the modern ASIC miners.

What interesting about hydro along with making less noise is it does keep the main hardware away from the dust to get stuck causing heating and cause mining lowability. Hydro cooling keeps your hardware as new.

AntMiner S9 Hydo Profitability

The miner can mine upto 0.0007 BTC / day, that is equivalent to 5.12 USD (@7300$ rate). I consider that to be quite less compare to the efforts and electricity bills. But if the price of BTC going to surge to triple that could be really beneficial.

With the cost of paying the electricity bills (0.1$ / KWH), the profit is coming out to be only  $300/year (@7300$ rate). If we expect BTC to surge to 20k by next year the profit will be around 900-1000$ a year. Means you can expect the ROI to be around a year and a half.

If you can manage the electricity bills it can be a little be profitable.

What do you need to know?

  • Shipment of the miner is starting from 11th September 2018 for the pre-orders.
  • There is no discount offers available through Coupon codes for value $280 available for the product.


  • Very less noise while running — as compared with the old S9 miner.
  • The hydro cooler will avoid the dust to get stuck causing heating issue.


  • Bulky, not easy to handle
  • High unit cost.

Where to buy?

You can order your mining unit at the official website here.

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