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Meet The New Version Of MetaMask Wallet


Meet The New Version Of MetaMask Wallet

Metamask wallet

Good news for the MetaMask users. A New version of the Metamask wallet is now available. The Metamask has not built upon the better UI design with a fast and responsive layout and interaction.

Metamask is one of the secured wallets for ethereum and ERC20 Tokens. I personally use this wallet for storing my ethereum. The best part about the wallet is it provides you with your wallet private keys which you can restore later.

The version is in the beta mode now and soon be available as official.

The user can update the wallet extension without worrying about the migration of their account — the new version automatically detects your older account and retrieve the funds from it.

The newer version features

  • New user interface
  • Full-screen mode
  • Better gas controls
  • Advanced feature for developers
  • New confirmation
  • The Newer Layout

New Layout of Metamask

Full View Mode

The layout shows the wallet name on the left top and in middle it shows the total amount of Ethereum with deposit and sends button. Middle section shows recent transactions utter in your wallet.

In the left hand, the panel shows you the ERC20 tokens and the holding you can add new ERC20 by scrolling down and add it.

MetaMask Interacts with DAPPs

The best way of using metamask is not only for storing funds but also for interacting with web Dapps. Metamask has this inbuilt feature which helps to interact with smart contacts and send funs securely. All thanks to the amazing powerful extension build.

New Confirmations Layout Screen



Trezor support

Now you can connect your hardware wallet directly with Metamask. Trezor wallet is not being supported by the wallet itself. If you have a Trezor, you can now connect it to MetaMask and use it to sign transactions across the web. From the top-right menu, click “Connect Hardware Wallet,” follow a couple easy steps, and you’re ready to go.


Read the Full article on Tron wallet support

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