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EOS Mainnet Launch Ready To Take Off [EOS Token Update]


EOS Mainnet Launch Ready To Take Off [EOS Token Update]

Eos Mainnet

This year blockchain and ecosystem are all about the security and scalability concerns. With the last year boom in the cryptocurrency, reveals the major issue in the technology of the blockchain which still a concern and yet to be solved. And yet tokens including EOS, taking the initiative to improve the technology.

Some of these concerns are:

  • Scalability
  • Ease of usability of the blockchain technology
  • Transaction Fee
  • Transaction duration
  • Platform for Decentralized apps


But still major of the country are considering bitcoin and economy as part of the concern issue for their financial economy threat.

Here is where blockchain has to improve and prove the fact that the technology is for real and could change the way we transfer money in more secure and easy way. mentioned under moto Decentralize Everything:

Brought together by a shared passion for decentralization, the team is dedicated to closing the gap between the promise and the reality of blockchain technology. By creating platforms and tools that enable the building of blockchain supported and decentralized businesses, applications, and collectives, the team is dedicated to creating a more secure, free, and connected world.


Eos as ERC20 Token

EOS as ERC20 Token


Tokens like EOS were currently running on the ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 Token. But as the scalability is a concern, there is a lot of limitation which these tokens are facing. And the Solution is to get to Mainnet. The mission of the team is to focus on the DApp development, and providing the developers with a platform.

EOS announced the mainnet update as of Security & Software Testing.



Things important for EOS Holders During Mainnet launch

  • EOS holders shall not do anything but to just sit still while the network being under development.
  • Should never expose their private key to anyone including the various fake website.

Updates on EOS Network

On 1st June 2018, EOS Token has been frozen as of currently Mainnet launch is in process. Check countdown.

The mainnet launch follows up by the Migrations and token swap, which are yet to announced. 

The EOS Bug Bounty Program

Since the network is under the eye of the developers, the team announced the bug bounty for the developers and hackers to take part in it. Considering to enhance the platform and the network from any potential security, vulnerabilities issues.

Read more about the EOSIO Bug Bounty program


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