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Theta Token Review : How it Can Make You Rich


Theta Token Review : How it Can Make You Rich

If you being around cryptocurrency, you might feel like the tokens are all over the blockchain. Some of them are fake and many of them are true.

Investing in them at the right moment could push of your investments and could give you great returns.

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What is Theta Token?

As there is an old connection between cryptocurrencies and gaming. The same also applies to blockchain technology and eSports, especially when it comes to content delivery. Theta Token mainly aims to disrupt the video delivery industry by issuing its tokens to streamers, eSports players, and many others. It is quite an interesting platform that requires a lot of people.

What Theta does Exactly?

The concept of Theta is very easy and it is not difficult to explain. The team is focused on revolutionising the online video industry in a beautiful way. As of now delivering videos to extreme parts of the world is a very expensive project. Theta’s aims to provide decentralized peer-to-peer network and will improve video delivery while decreasing the cost of doing so. It also aims at creating an end-to-end infrastructure for decentralized video streaming.

How does it Work?

Live streaming video content is a hype in the market, though it is susceptible to quite a few problems. Although the major problem is low-quality video, combined with the high cost of the infrastructure required to power such activity. It is obvious that the current ecosystem is heavily centralized and incredibly inefficient. As per now, viewers get a very little reward in exchange for streaming things over the internet.

Theta has an incredible aim to solve all these problems by introducing decentralized video streaming over blockchain technology. Due to this, the video streaming experience will be smooth and of high quality. Moreover, the cost of delivering video streams will be reduced, and viewers will earn Theta Tokens as a reward for viewing content. Additionally, tokens can be earned when sharing bandwidth and resources as part of this network.

The aim of theta is very solid and it looks a tremendously solid project with a lot to potential to grow very quickly. It will change the whole online video industry and Youtube and Samsung investors are part of it quite from the beginning.

Long Run Roadmap-

Introducing and running such a powerful platform will not happen overnight. Theta has been in development for quite a long time now, and the current focus is on developing the Theta blockchain. Its tokens are already integrated into the eSports platform, which showcases the potential of these tokens as we speak. The native network launch will happen in late 2018, after which time the ERC20 tokens will be exchanged for native blockchain tokens.

Some quick Stats :

Theta token price- $0.246047 (+33.72%) 0.0004454702 ETH
0.00003347 BTC

24h Volume

Market Cap

Returns since ICO




Ticker: THETA Token type: ERC20 ICO

Token Price: 1 THETA = 0.12 USD

Fundraising Goal: 20,000,000 USD Sold
on pre-sale: 12,800,000 USD
Total Tokens: 750,000,000 Available for Token Sale: 40%

Whitelist: YES (UNTIL 8 JAN, JOIN ) Know Your Customer (KYC): YES


Accepts: ETH

Techllog View:

We were watching Theta for a long time now, yesterday it got listed on binance and you can see the price spike which is almost 33%. Still, it has a potential to give minimum 10x this year end. We are really optimistic about it. To give amazing returns it needs to be in top 50 coins, currently in top 100.
So, it’s an investment worth doing.

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