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Getting Started With Mining & Best Mining Hardware March Edition 2018


Getting Started With Mining & Best Mining Hardware March Edition 2018

best mining hardware march 2018


Getting started with mining is one of the best ways to earn crypto coins, though it is a slow process but reliable and long-running.

Mining cryptocurrency requires investment and patience. I strongly recommend mining for those who don’t like easy volatile trading of cryptocurrency, and for those who want a reliable source of investing and earn.

Cloud Mining

There are a lot of cloud mining farms ensure you to give maximum returns on your investment, but those are not reliable for the long run, though you can start mining in those if you are on a low budget and want to get started with mining, this help to grab some idea how you mining and things work.

Pros of cloud mining

  • Quite process
  • No electricity cost
  • No maintenance tension
  • Not require much attention
  • Can be started with low investment also.

Cons of cloud mining

  • Risk of scam and fraud
  • Lower profit return
  • Lack of control
  • Opaque mining process

Some of the cloud mining platforms

  • NiceHash
  • Genesis Mining
  • HashFlare

So for those who are willing to invest in mining hardware and thinking to get started with mining process but themselves; here is this post for you.

People have this thing, they invest in mining when they see’s high surge in bitcoin price or ethereum price. But that just misleading, the difficulty of mining also eventually increasing day by day. And it’s now even hard to mine the coin. The perfect time to start mining is as soon as possible and not bother about the price.


There is one more question people ask quite often, ‘what is the profit return?’. And the right answer is just not answerable because I don’t know when you going to sell your coins, and i even don’t know what the price of bitcoin will going to be tomorrow. of course you can’t use the ethereum to buy everything, you need fiat currency. Yes you can calculate profit in coins for current value.

Best mining Hardware for mining cryptocurrency 2018

Previous mining hardware article from 2017: Best Mining Hardware For Mining Cryptocurrency [November 2017 ]

Reddragon mining card Review: Mining Review Of PowerColor Red Dragon Rx570 [185Mh/s+]

Mining hardware is in huge demand from the last year since the bitcoin and other cryptocurrency booms. Bitcoin Made To $19K Surge Still Continues $20K Soon


Mining Motherboards

Biostar H81AASUS PRIME Z270-AASRock H110 Pro BTC+ 13GPUASRock H81 PRO BTC


XFX RX 580 8GBSapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8GSapphire Rx 570Nvidia GTX 1060Nvidia 1050 TiNvidia 1080


Power Supply



More Equipment

ProcessorRaiser CableSSDRam
Check the motherboard for ddr3/ddr4 before buying


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