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Cryptojacking: The New Way of How Hackers Mining Cryptocurrency


Cryptojacking: The New Way of How Hackers Mining Cryptocurrency


Have you ever experience lag or slow down while browsing the internet on the browser or on mobile. Well, then you might be the victim of the so-called term “CryptoJacking“. And you might be mining one of the cryptocurrency for someone else.

As the cyberspace is becoming more and more entangled and consequence could be not be seen but new ways of attacking cyber entities are emerging.

How To Secure Your Cryptocurrencies From Getting Hack

What is CryptoJacking?

This Cryptojacking is done by using scripts written in javascript, supportable by the major web browser. These scripts contain special algorithm which mines the blocks of the cryptocurrency. The thing about the Javascript is that it uses your processor, the more powerful CPU you got the better it gonna mine the cryptocurrency.

Mining Cryptocurrency means solving the blocks and confirming the transaction sent by some anonymous person to an anonymous person.

These scripts allow you to mine the cryptocurrency by just running into your browser and you can earn money without doing anything but just make use of your processor.

But the sad part is that it can be integrated into any website and hence you will not able to distinguish that if you actually browsing a website or mining some cryptocurrency for other.

These scripts could be run on both PC as well as your phone. So it’s recommended to close your web browser on your smartphone because it might be running in the background using your CPU power to mine the coin.

The popular website named thepiratebay was reported to be using one of these scripts mining monero from the million of the visitors per day making a ton of money using the visitor’s CPU power.

source: Internet

Same with the popular Starbuck coffee’s wifi internet provider were using these similar scripts to mine the cryptocurrency.


Even some of the website sites doesn’t know if they using these scripts as the hackers are just smart enough that they are not pulling the website down but integrating these scripts into the popular website and using their large traffic for their benefit.

How To Avoid Cryptojacking

You have to careful using the website of installing some scammy extension. Even a mobile app could use your mobile’s CPU to mine cryptocurrency anonymously.

Tips you should be care about to avoid Cryptojacking 

  • Never visit some fake URL or movie website or free download website. beware of these fake links ensuring you to get your free Amazon gifts or free PayPal money they all fake and encourage you to share as much to get your reward.
  • Always check for reviews before you download any app from play store or apple store.
  • You can turn off your JavaScript in the browser this way, But some website won’t function well.
  • You can use mining blockers chrome extensions like No Coin or MinerBlock to disable any miner script running in websites.

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