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Top 6 Best Ethereum Wallet For 2018


Top 6 Best Ethereum Wallet For 2018

Best Ethereum Wallet For 2018

Storing your cryptocurrency in right wallet ensures it to be safe and free from being hacked. But selecting the right wallet is sometimes a pain, choosing it considering good feature and UI is not the only thing but also you need to pay attention towards security concern. Provided you with the best ethereum wallet for 2018 in this article.

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Ethereum the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency in the cryptoshere with 44B$ market value (changing daily) is expected to bet bitcoin in future. Well, there are many folks who believe it to hit 1000$ within next year.

Ethereum chat over past year

If you willing to buy ethereum then the best way to buy the bitcoin first and then exchange it in one of the exchanges like bitfinex, gdax or poloniex.

But if you are new in the crypto world then there is a website, changelly from where you can very easily exchange you bitcoins into ethereum, ripple, cash, dash, lite, and many more.



After you have ethereum or if you already have it now time to secure them to a safe place. Before selecting the wallets and securing them you need to know what are the different type of wallets currently present including hardware wallet, paper wallet and more; Know more about different types of wallet.

6 Best Wallet For Storing Ethereum

The wallet which gives you the access to recovery private key is the one you have to choose. The recovery private key ensures that you never lose your funds in the case you not able to access your wallet, you can easily recover your coins if you have your wallet private keys. Never share recover private keys with anyone and also never save them in your computer.


Exodus (Software Wallet)

exodus is one of the most popular secure and easy to use multi cryptocurrency supportive wallet. You can not only store ethereum but also bitcoin, dash, lite and many more.


exodus wallet ethereum

Some of the supportive cryptocurrency in Exodus:-

Why Exodus

  • Easy to use
  • give you access to private keys
  • you can exchange to different cryptocurrency within wallet only
  • Support popular coins
  • track all your funds at single place
  • Good support team

Get Exodus Wallet Now


Ledger Nano S (Hardware Wallet)



Leger nano S is the most secure wallet out there. As it is a hardware wallet, means the funds are secured offline and no one can access until you power it up.

The pin feature makes the Ledger nano S even more secure to access.

The only demerit of using nano S it is somewhat difficult to use as compared to the other online wallets, but that is not a big concern if you are willing to secure a good amount of cryptocurrency.

Key feature of Ledger Nano S

  • Support Multi-currency including etherum, bitcoin, bitcoin cash etc, in a single device
  • Malware proof
  • Portable
  • secure with the pin
  • Privacy protected
  • You control your private keys
  • Easy to backup & restore your funds

Ledger nano s cost 58.00 €
Get your ledger nano s now


Trezor Wallet (Hardware, Software, Online Wallet)

It was the first Bitcoin Hardware wallet build. However, it supports multi coins now including Ethereum itself with MyEtherWallet web interface.

Store Ethereum offline on the chip of the hardware, securing your funds fully.

Key features of Trezor wallet

  • Lightweight and portable to use
  • easy to backup restore funds
  • Secure with pin
  • Cost 99$

Get your trezor


MetaMask (Chrome Extension Wallet)



MetaMask is the one of the Highly secure, anonymous and easy to use Ethereum Wallet. The sad part is that it only works for the ethereum blockchain mean it not support bitcoins or other altcoins.

MetaMask acts as a bridge between the ethereum blockchain and chrome browser. It allows you to run Ethereum Apps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

MetaMask includes a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage your identities on different sites and sign blockchain transactions.

Setting MetaMask is supper easy

  • Get the extension
  • Click on the small fox icon on top right
  • accept the terms & conditions
  • Enter password

  • Save  Private keys to secure place
  • Enjoy

Key features of MetaMask

  • Very easy to use
  • Highly anonymous
  • Make multi ethereum wallet at single place
  • You have access to private keys
  • You can make your own tokens

View More about Metamask


MyEtherWallet (Online Wallet)

MyEtherWallet is the reliable secure wallet present. However it not pretty easy to use.

Wallet supports almost all ether supportive tokens.It also supports gas limit means you can choose your own transaction fee. Insecurity concern, you have control of your private keys.

Key Feature Of MyEtherWallet

  • Provides your paper wallet
  • You have access to private keys
  • Support Tokens
  • Super Easy to make new wallet



Coinomi (App Wallet)

For those who want store ethereum on Android, here is the wallet on which you can rely on. Coinomi supports the most cryptocurrency existing in the cryptoshere world including ethereum itself.

View Supported Coins

Key feature of Coinomi

  • supports multicoin in single place
  • secured app wallet
  • anonymous and private
  • Exchange within app
  • Easy to backup & restore funds
  • low transaction fees

You can get your wallet today on Android IOS version to be available soon


I really love all of them as they are highly secure, and anonymous and put privacy as a first concern. I personally use exodus and myetherwallet. However, all of them are really secure and you can rely on them. If you are choosing some other wallet to store your ethereum make sure you have access to your private keys and read other people reviews first before you go.

I really love the concept of MetaMask though and looking forward to using it.

Let me know what wallet you going to use are using, with your experience.

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