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Yet Another Bitcoin Hard Fork Incoming – Super Bitcoin [SBTC]


Yet Another Bitcoin Hard Fork Incoming – Super Bitcoin [SBTC]

Super Bitcoin

After these so many forks for the bitcoin, yet there is another coming. The bitcoin going to be fork again, which will give birth to another coin name “Super Bitcoin”.

Those who don’t know what is fork is, I strongly recommend to go and check out my old post of bitcoin gold and diamond forks.

The previous forks of bitcoin did really great in the market with the support for the GPU mining and the bitcoin cash surged last month, pushing the bitcoin and its family up to the believable zone which makes us believe the positive vibes about the next super bitcoin fork coming.

Lets really get straight to the topic and discuss all about the incoming fork going to happen very soon this month, and the benefits we can get from it.

What is Super Bitcoin?

The super bitcoin is the newly announced coin, going to fork from the existing bitcoin. The super bitcoin going to launch at Block Height of  498888 of the main chain.

The main idea holding the fork is to “Make Bitcoin Great Again

The new super bitcoin is abbreviated named as “SBTC”.

Super Bitcoin Announcement on twitter

The announcement with the proposal just make as the team is working on it, with the idea to make bitcoin great again the new version going to do yet better if succeed. Future announcements will be done as the new things happen.

Why Another Hard Fork?

We know its hard to mine bitcoin these days comparative to other altcoins like bitcoin gold which is just introduced, yet the point is the ‘difficulty’ to mine. The mining process of the bitcoin is important to keep it alive in the blockchain and yet with the expensive hardware and surging difficulty making the miners turn out from the bitcoin mining.

As the consequence, we can see the High transaction fee and the tons of incomplete transactions. Try sending bitcoin from one wallet to another and you will see actually how much time it’s taking nowadays.

Hardfork is not only a new coin introduction but also decrease the main chain load and spread the make a new opportunity to mine and earn.

Super Bitcoin aims to solve the original problems of BTC with this fork.

When is the Super Bitcoin Hardfork Happening?

The new bitcoin fork is going to be implemented from 17th December onwards on the original bitcoin blockchain as mentioned on their official website.

Though the bitcoin fork going to be starting in the preprocess from the 15th December at the block height of 4988888, as announced.

Featuring Super Bitcoin


The new Super Bitcoin is to be having light network means it going to have high size block, with the zero-knowledge proof with greater support towards privacy and security.


Big block size ensures the reliable smooth transaction by distributing the work to more miners, which eventually takes up the time to increase the difficulty level. The consequence is that the price of the coin will be going to be less volatile and stability could be seen which ensure long run and that the coin is used for the money transfer from one to other and not to hold and just invest.


Team Behind the Fork?

These are 3 team members holding up the ideas and been working on it.

  • Ranger Shi – the first Turing complete smart contract writer.
  • Li Xiao Lai – world-famous bitcoin and cryptocurrency investor.
  • Jia Peng Lin – founder of LinkVc and co-founder of Sosobtc.

Exchanges Supporting Super Bitcoin

Though many of the exchanges are joining the concern, here are list of the exchanges going to support Supper Bitcoin [SBTC]

Wallets Supporting Super Bitcoin

You can store your coin on the exchange too, they are safe there. Here is the list of wallet supporting super bitcoin.

Many of the wallets soon be joining, as soon the popularity increases.

Is Super Bitcoin Minable?

The answer is yes and the team is working on it, the new coin is yet mineable and you can mine it and earn good money. Hopping into the mining queue at first could be profitable as if the difficulty is low, you can grab more coins.

Pools Supporting Super Bitcoin


Do you need to worry about?

  • There is nothing to worry about your bitcoins are safe at their place unless you share your private keys.
  • Super bitcoin is replay protected as of now, which means no one can redo the transaction to get them to the original coins.
  • Just like bitcoin cash, bitcoin diamond and bitcoin gold, this hard fork brought you with free airdrop. For 1 Bitcoin you will get 1 SBTC.

Thinks you have to concern about before the Fork!

  • Don’t share your bitcoins wallet private keys to the website ensuring you to get you super bitcoin fast or in more quantity, most of them are fake and going to steal your Bitcoin.
  • Read the reviews and let others go and redeem super bitcoin first before you do, rather than losing all as phishing.
  • New download of signup to the unknown new wallet, I personally going to use Bitfinex as of now.
  • Transfer your Bitcoin to the wallet whom you have the private keys control like Blockchain, Exodus etc. You need your private keys in order to redeem the new coin.


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