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Best Website to Buy Bitcoin in India [2018 Edition]


Best Website to Buy Bitcoin in India [2018 Edition]

Buying Bitcoin in India is quite difficult sometimes, Choosing between which websites to buy bitcoins is the main concern. Due to high demand and low supply of bitcoin booming the price of bitcoin to the sky.

Graph shows the demand on one of the indian exchanges (unocoin) vs international equiventent @cointelegraph

I got too many emails, comments and messages about the best bitcoin buying websites whom they can trust.

Also once you bought bitcoins it’s very easy to convert them to other altcoins, I will soon write a post on how you can convert bitcoin to other altcoins.

All these Exchanges have built in wallet holding your bitcoin you can use them as wallet, but i recommend to use much safe wallet like exodus or coinbase for keeping your assets safe.

So here comes the few best websites to buy bitcoins from.

Please note I am not sponsoring any of these websites and buying selling bitcoins are your own decision.

Why can’t you buy Bitcoins from India through International Exchanges

It’s almost impossible to buy bitcoins from international exchanges from your Indian banks and its debit card. A fair amount of tax is applicable to the buy and sell orders, hence you can buy bitcoin after paying USD/INR conversation rates and taxes.

If your friend sends you bitcoin internationally it is legal until you pay taxes when converting to INR although you can also sell them in the cash with a mutual deal.

That’s the main reason why price in India for bitcoin is high compared to international price

Best Websites to Buy/Sell Bitcoins in India


zebpay is one of the leading and most famous exchange founded in 2012 and use to convert your Indian rupees to Bitcoins very easily, though you have to provide your verification documents (KYC) and then transfer money to bitcoin.

Zebpay is supportive in bot android as well as IOS making trading much easier.

Read more about Zebpay

Join Zebpay Now



Koinex exchange just released a few months ago though there is not much users base as compare to zebpay. Koinex exchange supports cryptocurrencies including:-

  • bitcoin
  • ethereum
  • ripple
  • litecoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • iota
  • and more

Join Koinex


localbitcoin is the online marketplace for buying and selling bitcoins and anyone can register and start trading with real persons. You have to find the match and then wait for the other person to start deal with you.

People usually ask me about if the Localbitcoin is risky?!

Yet it is but here are some tips to work securely.

  • Deal with someone trusted check the ratings.
  • Don’t worry bitcoin will not release until you do the bank transaction and give proof.
  • Don’t go for the rattrap deal, where you getting very cheap rates bitcoins that’s usually a scam.
  • Chat with the opposite person well before you do the deal.

trusted members showing number of transaction and the percentage of successful trades

I usually use localbitcoin as many times i get the best price deals.

Localbitcoin offers these much payment method for buying/selling bitcoin

Start Buying with Localbitcoins



Unocoin is known for user friendly website for easily buying/selling bitcoins. If you are new to buying/selling you might be very comfortable with unocoin.

Join Unocoin


Some other Exchanges

Let me know you experience or idea about these exchanges.

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