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5 Anonymous Cryptocurrency Which Could Be Profit Investing


5 Anonymous Cryptocurrency Which Could Be Profit Investing

Anonymous Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency and the anonymous market is booming in this era of time, the bitcoin which is sitting on the top with the market value of 182B$ with non-stop pushing and keep on hitting new price end up to give shock surprise every single day.

The main reason for the bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to raise is the fact of sending money overseas anonymously. Sending payments/money from one place to another without letting anyone know or without paying the huge transaction fees is just getting easier with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The ICOs(Initial Coin Offering) are favouring these anonymous transactions too making people worth of investing in it.

The anonymity of these coins including bitcoin is hammering down. With the public transaction displaying invites the metadata and pattern analysis to reveal the real sender. This is one of the serious privacy problems facing. But many of us not aware of this and if so we are not much concern about it, we could see the enthusiasm of these cryptocurrencies is just for the money making tool nowadays.

You might be thinking if it’s too late to invest in bitcoin, well its never too late if you want to buy the bitcoin it could still return profitable. But if you want to try investing or try in the other cryptocurrencies based on the anonymous transaction, then these are worthy of trying.

Note: I am not forcing anyone to go buy these cryptocurrencies, its only in your hand to invest. This list is for the general knowledge based on the anonymous transaction worth of trying. 

Here are 5 Anonymous Cryptocurrencies 

1. Monero

Monero is one of the best anonymous cryptocurrency in terms of anonymity. So anonymous that not even the transaction amount could be traced down from in between. Monero also names as secure, private & untraceable. The anonymity of this coin makes it valuable amongst people who want to send money very securely.

Monaro uses complex chain method cryptography such as RingCT, stealth address & Ring signature.

Visit Moneo Official site for more info and Buying/Selling instruction.


2. Zcash

I place Zcash on the 2nd in terms of an anonymous coin. Zcash uses a different approach to a successful anonymous transaction.

Where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exposes the transaction history to the public, Zcash on other hand offers a hidden transaction status making it anonymous. Zcash works on a protocol named zk-SNAK, also know as zero-knowledge proofs.

With GPU supportive mineable nature and anonymous transactions working, makes cash worth to invest in.

Know more about Zcash on its official site

3. Dash

Dash is itself a private currency to send transaction. With the working principle of PrivateSend, ensures to give financial privacy by obscuring the origin funds. The PrivateSend feature uses an innovative process of mixing your sender & receiver input with some others two input.

Read more about PrivateSend implementation in Dash

With the recent surging of price, market value and private transaction make dash a wonder to try.


This cryptocurrency is not well known to many ones working in the cryptoshere. They recently introduced the zerocoin protocol mechanism within the coin. The developer team behind this currency is taking care of your privacy.

PIVX is a proof of stake coin combine with your privacy to deal with anonymous transactions with the super fast transaction rate.

PIVX Chart

PIVX Chart

The surging chart for the PIVX makes a worth of trying.

5. Zcoin

Zcoin is one of the leading cryptocurrency introduced and ensures for digital privacy at the forefront. Transaction in between is completely untraceable, based on the basic fundamental of zero point paper. The transaction history is still not visible to the public like that in bitcoin.

Zcoin makes the transaction by mixing up your transaction with others transaction and the level of privacy depends upon the amount of transaction send. The zero-knowledge proof makes the Zcoin truly untraceable coin.

Visit zcoin official page for more info

Some other anonymous cryptocurrency

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