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10 Useful Tips for Success Working in Cryptocurrency


10 Useful Tips for Success Working in Cryptocurrency

Useful Tips for Cryptocurrency

Back in 2008 when bitcoin was fairly just an idea, wasn’t expecting to be so powerful and immense that could possibly change the financial world completely. Satoshi Nakamoto was the person behind the release of this so-called ‘cryptocurrency’ and the ‘bitcoin’.

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With this new era of ‘Anonymity & Privacy’, gives rise to this new anonymous digital transaction and money making solution, all thanks to the cryptocurrency. People usually think its very easy way to earn money, indeed it is, but it is risky and yet could be hard sometimes, it could possibly empty your pocket within seconds.

Cryptocurrency trade in 2017 showed the power of awareness amongst the crypto holders, with the current market cap of 371B$, with the daily trade volume of 21B$ is just boomed within a year.

Chart showing the variation of cryptocurrency market cap in 2017 @coinmarketcap

Trading cryptocurrency needs trading proper strategy and working before it actually ends up with a good return. These tips could be both beneficial for beginners and for the trading cryptocurrency too, including altcoin and the bitcoin needs the best strategy for the effective outcome. Trading cryptocurrency for profit is the reason working in cryptosphere which might take time to be skilful. Investment tips in cryptocurrency could be considered.


Tips Which Should Be Consider While Working in Cryptocurrency

  • The media and news nowadays have the power to tune the market and the price of cryptocurrency nowadays, you should be aware and working with the open mind.
  • Beware of the fake bitcoin money making website which asks you to deposit bitcoin and guarantee you to double your coins in short span.
  • Always play in cryptocurrency as a game, never expect too much, neither rely on the money you are earning through cryptocurrency, play with no emotions.
  • Mind the volatility; Do not much care about the gain and loose in this world, if you want to be working in setting free and play with good strategy. If you are lucky you become rich, but don’t think and regret too much if you lose your funds, that’s normal sometime and you will learn a lot from it.
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  • Beware of the youtube video promoting dead ICOs and token just for sponsor money: there are so many YouTubers with support and spread the idea of worst ICO just for the sponsors, investigate and research (check for the white paper) well before you actually invest into it.
  • MLM Program Sucks, yet to say but its true its just not work the way we think it will. I myself will never invest in the MLM(Multi-level marketing) where you have to invite and earn, they show the good figures but most of the time end up a downfall and make us feel regret, else invest the funds in some strong ideal ICO or cryptocurrency. But well there is some good MLM program out there where you can invest, just keep this in mind that big money in a short span is just sketchy and sort of clever business idea.
  • Beware after coin fork there are many fake websites who claim to give you the newly fork coin in return for private keys but actually steals your digital assets.
  • Mining Cryptocurrency could be best to learn and prove your hard work into crypto world for good profit. Invest in the hardware can be both ends beneficial as you can mine multiple cryptocurrencies and even resell them at a good price when you end up you moon in mining. See the best hardware for mining.


Hope you Like the Tips, feel free to share your view in the comment section below… 🙂 

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