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Are ICOs Safe To Invest In? Beware of Scams!


Are ICOs Safe To Invest In? Beware of Scams!

Are ICOs Safe

Ico and the coin initializing are becoming very common in today’s days and getting into scammed by money frauding becoming very common. The ICO initial coin offering is the type of shares system but in this case, a small company give its ICO tokens where people can invest. You bought the ICO by paying them in cryptocurrency of with credit card/debit card and provide you with the equivalent amount of token of the current price rates.

The ICOs now have the power to collect money without really getting into real financial terms. With the system of blockchain and anonymous nature makes ICOs a doubt to think before investing. With the initial startup of this anonymous coin offering for money seems legit at the beginning but could be a downfall or scam too.

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Talking about scam ICOs offering upto 90% discount sale on the release could really make people fall into a trap you should be well aware of company view and the idea before you put money into it. Investing in right ICO could be a great investment in long-term.


Cumulative ICO Graph Show the Growth of ICOs in the short span


What Could Make an ICO a Downfall

The ICO offering is not could be possible by a small group of company, the startup company which could only have the idea of something and is not a establish big company/firm can also release their tokens on which you could lay on and invest.

Now the sad part is they can’t make to the share market the reason is been not so establish you need to really have some big firms before you get into finance and other. The ICO is the opportunity for the startup to grow, but the point here is to the fact that is that startup really going to be sustained in future or you just going to lose all your money. Well, there are make ICOs offering a full original return even when company collapse, don’t know whether it legit or not.

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Few Majors Before Considering investing in ICOs

  • Go through company startup idea and invest in what you believe is going to raise.
  • Invest a small amount, it’s always best to start with a low amount and then get big rather than putting all your money and loosing.
  • Go through company white papers and the document of legitness.
  • Don’t get fool in the fake ICOs advertisements: some ICO ensures your money to get 100times or even 1000 times most of the time they are fake unless there is a big startup behind it, beware of such scams.
  • don’t send huge bitcoins or ether to the ICOs send it in small chunks.
  • Beware of fake sites offering real ICOs.
  • Ask for full support in contact us before you investing: clear all your doubts and questions with the team before investing, it’s always good to reach out the support before you do something.

List of some ICOs to invest in

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