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How To Reset Or Repair Windows Edge Browser


How To Reset Or Repair Windows Edge Browser

Reset Or Repair Windows Edge Browser


The new update for Windows 10 Fall Creators has been released with some new features with additional Rest and Repair for Microsoft Edge Feature adding to it. The previous versions haven’t included that option.

You can now clean refresh start Edge Browser if the browser isn’t working properly for you. Repairing and rest the settings ensures the browser to run hassle free and smooth, here’s how it can be done.

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Reset or Repair Microsoft Edge

  1. Goto Start, open Setting by clicking the gear icon to the left.
  2. Click on Apps settings >> Apps & feature in the left tab >> scroll down and select Microsoft Edge.
  3. Goto Advanced Option and click Repair.
  4. close the setting window Go and launch Edge Browser and browse through the web. if the Browser still needs to fix repeat step 1 and click on the Rest instead of Repair.


How To Reset Or Repair Windows Edge Browser


Resetting Browser settings ensure to clean the history, cookies, caches and other settings but your favourite will be kept safe.   

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