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How To Get Started With Bitcoin Gold Mining


How To Get Started With Bitcoin Gold Mining


With the fork of Bitcoin and introduction of the new crypto coin named as Bitcoin Gold. Going to be another opportunity for the miner to make their miner’s back to work for the profits. We have seen how bitcoin forked to release Bitcoin gold with the initial price of around 500$, later dropping to around 110$. Finally, we could the price for the bitcoin gold surging to stable 134$ with around 5% increase with volume exchange of around $5,824,440 as the fork going in the process.

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What Makes Bitcoin gold profitable to mine?

The main idea behind bitcoin gold is to make bitcoin decentralize again. Since the bitcoin gold forked from the very popular cryptocurrency bitcoin, it’s going to be very interesting to mine between the miners around the world. A good mining haste rate is expected with good mining profit for the miners as the process of mining bitcoin decentralize in process

The initial rush to go and try mining Bitcoin gold going to make the coin popular. With every block you solve the difficulty level to mine the next one increases, so the on who hope and mine the block first going accumulate more coin profits.



Price surging to high rate is expected during the initial mining period and holding Bitcoin gold is recommended. 


Which Software to Use?

Hoping to mining with the correct software and pool is important, as you whole income going to be accumulated from this mining software only. Though there is not much difference in many mining software, but some of them got additional features with could make mining experience great.


Some of the Bitcoin Mining Pools is the bitcoin gold official mining pool, providing best hashrates performance, with great availability of shares when you mining, and fast payouts. Pool gold also going to provide the best stats of mining.

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Miner Gate

The accessible easy to use smart mining software integrated with tons of features with both CPU and GPU mining now going to support bitcoin gold mining to it.

Since the testing and block splitting in under progress. Bitcoin Gold going to be available in miner gate till further announcements.

[Update] Bitcoin Gold Mining is officially live

Some other Mining pools

View supportive AMD Cards

View supportive Nvidia Cards


Advantage of MinerGate Software

  • The good part about this software id you can mine almost every popular mineable cryptocurrency with your CPU or GPU.
  • Priority options are available which could be useful if you are mining cryptocurrency with your personal pc.
  • Smart mining is possible which going to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency at the moment
  • Withdrawal and statics are easy and accessible

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