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Bitcoin Cash Crossed Ripple Market Cap Ranked 3rd in CryptoList


Bitcoin Cash Crossed Ripple Market Cap Ranked 3rd in CryptoList

Update 14th November

Bitcoin cash surged the market cap to around $22B much greater than the ripple and with the highest rate touching 2400$ after the market shift from the bitcoin to the bitcoin cash, the main reason of the much growth of bitcoin cash is in the order of more profitable to mine than that with bitcoin. Will that mean bitcoin going to die soon!? Absolutely not there are many reasons that will not bitcoin die. In fact, the price of the bitcoin going to increase furthermore.


Bitcoin Cash surging to sky


With the release of Bitcoin Gold with the Fork happen later in this week, the crypto market seems to change its shape. Bitcoin Cash which was formed back in August by the fork of bitcoin has finally gained some power. Early on 29th of Oct 2017 BCH also known as bitcoin cash surge over 23% and landed on the highest price value of around 500$ within 24hrs time

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With the high trade ratio between buying and selling the price could be observed going ups and down in Market value for Bitcoin Cash.


Bitcoin Cash and Ripple Market cap value almost same

Observing both the Bitcoin Cash and Ripple seems like market cap value fighting.

Bitcoin Cash has been ranked 3rd for some short span only which could be explain by the fact of high exchanges and demands for Bitcoin Cash.

Trading is Recommended during this period, you can use Bitfinex, poloniex or yobits for Trading Bitcoin Cash.

Seems like there will going to be slight increase in the Price of BCH holding and selling could be profitable.

Bitcoin Cash Graph @Bitfinex show ups and down

If you do not know, Ripple is an asset and cannot be mine where on other hand Bitcoin Cash can be mine and was released to leverage bitcoin and blockchain stress.

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